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brolin_empeyDo non-AMD chipsets still exist for current AMD x86 platforms?  Or is it like Intel x86 platforms, where there are no longer any non-Intel chipsets: apparently the Pentium 4 era was the last era with non-Intel chipsets.08:23
brolin_empeyI see only Intel and AMD chipsets listed on .  Apparently the Asus Web site does not allow filtering by chipset.08:42
brolin_empeyNo, apparently the Asus Web site does allow filtering by chipset but it also lists only Intel and AMD chipsets.08:44
brolin_empeySame for .08:51
MaxdamantusI suspect "chipset" practically means "class of CPUs" nowadays.09:35
Maxdamantus(I don't know anything about whether AMD requires their own hardware on motherboards, but I imagine even if they didn't, people would still use the term "chipset" to denote the set of CPUs that will work on the board)09:36
MaxdamantusLooking at the dates on the Wikipedia page for "List of AMD chipsets", I suspect they don't.09:37
bencohMaxdamantus: "chipset" actually refers to the specialized/helper chips on the motherboard, not the set of working CPUs09:38
bencoh(and chip vendors eventually started merging their set of chips in a single helper chip)09:40
Maxdamantusbencoh: yes, I know.09:44
Wizzupthere are some chinese companies taking amd zen and producing their 'own' CPUs with it09:44
Maxdamantusbencoh: but I imagine even if they didn't have them (which seems to be the case for AMD), people would still use the term "chipset".09:44
Maxdamantus“This is an overview of chipsets sold under the brand AMD, manufactured before May 2004 by the company itself, before the adoption of open platform approach”09:45
MaxdamantusSo I guess since the "open platform approach", it's just been up to motherboard producers to implement whatever's necessary.09:46
Maxdamantus(again, just a guess, don't know anything about AMD from actual experience)09:46
sixwheeledbeast^Last non-AMD chipset I can remember would be AM2+ era (Athlon64), not long after ATI became part of AMD. I recall after that the only boards non-AMD chipset being GeForce. So imagine AM3 boards would be the last non-AMD chipset, I only recall 900 Series chipset from there.10:26
jonwilDoes anyone know of a mirror of the Nokia QT repository that used to be at ? I dont mean which is the Community SSU repository, I mean the nokia repository as it was at the time Nokia stopped making commits to it.12:23
MaxdamantusBased on , maybe this one?
MaxdamantusThe top of the log looks like nokia.12:27
Maxdamantus(hint: add ".git" to the end of the URL to get a remote that you can actually clone through `git`)12:29
jonwilIts not cloning12:31
jonwilNow it is :)12:31
MaxdamantusIt seems slow.12:31
jonwilI still want though12:31
jonwilsince both are different repos with different contents12:31
Maxdamantusafaict that was a community project.12:31
Maxdamantus(according to the wiki page I linked)12:31
jonwilWhat I am trying to figure out is the relationship between, and
jonwili.e. exactly what source code was first used to build
MaxdamantusActually, it's the same repo.12:33
Maxdamantuswell, the same head commit, at least.12:34
jonwilwhich ones?12:34
Maxdamantuslast push is 1f7db8412:34
Maxdamantuswhich is the head of the repo I first linked.12:34
Maxdamantusguess the reason it's slow is just because the repository is so big.12:35
MaxdamantusReceiving objects:  43% (230155/534275), 157.12 MiB | 744.00 KiB/s12:35
Maxdamantusbut you can they're the same by looking at the commit ids through the gitweb UI and through the wayback view of gitorious.12:36
jonwilMy guess is that and were aliases of each other12:39
jonwilIf you look at the wayback view of you can see that its owned by +qt-developers12:40
jonwilAha, now12:41
jonwilnow I see12:41
jonwil is a totally different repo than aka
* Maxdamantus hopes someday to use software on his phone that is not a fork of a fork of some mainstream software.12:42
jonwilAnd formerly is clearly a fork of
jonwilso now I have yet another QT tree on my disk :)12:48
MaxdamantusYou can probably save disk space by just keeping them all in the same local repository.12:49
Maxdamantusin one of the repositories, just add the other repositories as alternatives, then add all the remotes as used by the other repositories, and fetch.12:52
Maxdamantusthen `git repack -a -d`, and remove the alternates file.12:52
Maxdamantus(won't need to download anything significant since you should already have the relevant objects accessible through alternates)12:53
jonwilTotal on-disk size of all 4 QT related repos I can find off the top of my head is only 2.69GB which isn't a problem12:54
jonwilI have the Nokia QT repository, the CSSU repo that was forked from it, the upstream QT 4.x source repository and then the Debian QT 4.x repository (which is just the debian local packaging/patches stuff on top of the Nokia repo)12:55
jonwilI mean the upstream QT repo12:56
jonwilor rather its a fork on top of an upstream QT tarball :)12:56
WizzupMaxdamantus: you're welcome to help out @ not a fork of a fork :p13:30
MaxdamantusWizzup: yeah, if I can get around to doing stuff, it would basically just be making separate non-maemo software that is useful for my N900.13:32
Maxdamantus(so I can just run those programs on debian or something)13:32
sixwheeledbeast^   ?13:34
jonwilI got what I want now13:37
jonwilSo its all good13:37
MaxdamantusThat last repository linked is a subset of
jonwil is the same code that used to be at both and
DocScrutinizer05famous findings that should have been archived on a wiki page but never were15:33
infobotit has been said that qt is TrollTech's QT library, available at http://www.trolltech.com15:34
DocScrutinizer05~#maemo qt is is the same code that used to be at both and
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0515:34
infobotit has been said that qt is is the same code that used to be at both and
DocScrutinizer05~literal x1115:36
infobot"#maemo x11" is "Install xauth on N900 (apt-get install xauth). Run from your PC 'ssh -X user@Nokia-N900', and N900's X will be forwarded to your PC"15:36
DocScrutinizer05~#maemo x11 is also see ~qt15:37
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0515:37
infobot[x11] Install xauth on N900 (apt-get install xauth). Run from your PC 'ssh -X user@Nokia-N900', and N900's X will be forwarded to your PC, or see ~qt15:38
DocScrutinizer05~listvalues x11-maemo15:39
DocScrutinizer05~+listvalues x11-maemo15:40
infobotexceeded allowed forked count (shm 0): RSSFeeds, Debian15:40
DocScrutinizer05~+listvalues x1115:40
infobotexceeded allowed forked count (shm 0): RSSFeeds, Debian15:40
DocScrutinizer05~+listvalues poettering15:40
infobotexceeded allowed forked count (shm 0): RSSFeeds, Debian15:40
KotCzarnyyou've just dos'ed the poor bot15:41
KotCzarnyout of mem or shm space15:41
DocScrutinizer05~+listvalues x11-maemo15:42
infobotFactoid search of 'x11-maemo' by value (1): #maemo qt.15:42
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DocScrutinizer05wish I've thought of that before killing it15:46
DocScrutinizer05wonder what ": RSSFeeds, Debian" means15:47
KotCzarnymight be someone else started some task15:47
DocScrutinizer05~+help rssfeeds15:48
infobot   Desc: rssfeeds is used to control the RSS Feed tracking module15:48
infobot  Usage: rssfeeds [command]15:48
infobotExample: rssfeeds flush15:48
infobot   Desc: flush - Will erase the cache file. (Must be chattr +o)15:48
infobot   Desc: update - Force a manual update of the feeds. (Must be chattr +o)15:48
DocScrutinizer05never wrapped my head around that15:48
DocScrutinizer05prolly an unmaintained command that somebody ran nevertheless for debian?15:50
DocScrutinizer05nfc, rssfeeds is not making sense to me15:53
DocScrutinizer05there must be more commands related to this15:53
DocScrutinizer05can't spot anythinh meaningful that might be related, in ~help. No "feed" or whatever command15:54
DocScrutinizer05~+help news15:56
infobot   Desc: News functions15:56
infobot  Usage: news [chan] <add,del,mod,set,latest,read,help>15:56
DocScrutinizer05~+help newsadd15:56
infobotno help on newsadd.  Use 'help' without arguments.15:56
DocScrutinizer05~+help news add15:56
infobot   Desc: Add news items15:56
infobot  Usage: news [chan] add <title>15:56
infobotExample: news add This is a test15:57
infobotsee _news set Text_ aswell15:57
DocScrutinizer05the bot is bitrotting :-S16:02
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast^: Yes, at work we have an AM2 motherboard from 2006 with a non-AMD (nVidia nForce) chipset but I noticed that non-AMD chipsets for AMD x86 platforms seem to have disappeared.16:19
sixwheeledbeast^brolin_empey: Nvidia have concentrated on GFX, ATI are part of AMD. also there is only the Southbridge chipset required on later stuff compared to older boards with a "northbridge".16:25
enycsixwheeledbeast^: what about VIA, SiS, Ali ?17:07
KotCzarnyall subpar performance, to say at least17:10
enycI remember the Pentium-II with silly chipset17:11
enyc'weird ISA timing issues on some cards, too17:11
sixwheeledbeast^All older chipsets than above?17:11
enycno idea17:12
sixwheeledbeast^I recall a SiS chipset on my first board Socket A17:14
enyci had loats of weird failures orf sockt-A athlons17:20
enyc'capactiros on board, chips fail, .....17:20
enycamd64's seem to have been more robust.17:20
enycerr as above?17:27
sixwheeledbeast^I never had any issues with any AMD stuff. I always understood Socket A and Athlon where solid. Most chip deaths where related to damaging the CPU on heatsink mounting17:45
sixwheeledbeast^Latter CPU's "amd64" had lids on covering the die etc and therefore less likely to damage from heatsink mounting.17:46
sixwheeledbeast^caps would be down to board manufacturer I suppose.17:47

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