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DocScrutinizer05~tell Nihlander about lf00:37
DocScrutinizer05follow links from there00:38
DocScrutinizer05links and advice00:38
DocScrutinizer05and having double repos will make your apt-get update (and HAM) take twice as long to finish00:39
infoboti heard jrtools is
Oksanajonwil : I have JSON output, I just don't quite understand the structure of DetailedResultsItem . I guess I should read parser_abstract.h01:30
jonwilYeah probably01:31
jonwilAnyhow, its great that you are putting in the effort to make this backend work again.01:31
jonwilAnd once its done I will for sure add it to the git repo and spin another binary package for the forum post01:32
* Oksana thinks that this backend will likely have a problem or two, so, I am sprinkling the code with qDebug01:56
brolin_empeyWTF?  Apparently the Google Mail Web interface is able to prevent both Vivaldi and Firefox from opening the contextual menu of the Web browser.07:10
brolin_empeyI wanted to copy the URI of the full-size version of my own photograph that I took with the Android OS on my own handheld computer and shared via Google Hangouts but apparently Google prevents the user from opening the contextual menu of the Web browser by secondary-clicking (right click with default, right-handed mouse configuration) this image in the Google Mail Web interface while displaying the image in the projector mode.  I opened the Inspector07:18
brolin_empeytool/mode from the normal application menus and found a way to copy the URI that apparently Google does not want me to be able to copy.07:18
MaxdamantusPresumably you just used "select element"07:19
brolin_empeyI wonder how the viewing direction is on this display.  Am I likely to regret buying this display because of the image quality or some other downside of a low-cost display?07:23
brolin_empeyThe price is in Canada Dollars (CAD).07:24
brolin_empeyAm I the only person here who lives in Canada?07:35
KotCzarnybuy cheap, buy twice07:58
KotCzarnyas always07:58
KotCzarnyfind the specs of the panel used, otherwise is just guessing07:58
ceenei have this project almost autotoolized09:42
ceenebut now i can't do the most trivial thing09:43
ceenemake it link against -lm09:43
KotCzarnycant you add ldflags ?09:43
ceenei read somewhere it was AM_LIBS09:44
ceeneit's AM_LDFLAGS09:44
ceeneyou're a genius09:44
KotCzarnynah, i'm just long time linux user09:44
ceeneso am I, I've never used anything else since 200009:45
ceenebut i really hate autotools :D09:45
KotCzarnyupgrading my slackware 14.2 to 15, wonder how many things stop working09:45
KotCzarnyceene: can you make notes about your learning of autotools?09:45
KotCzarnymaybe i will need it one day09:46
ceenethis small project of mine i think is a great skeleton for a repository which a) includes one shared library b) includes one program that uses that library c) has an optional module selectable with ./configure --enable-thing09:47
ceenei need to remove the real code, as this is something from my company09:47
ceenebut I'll see to upload this skeleton09:48
KotCzarnybut please add some readme too, about whole experience and possible gotchas09:48
ceeneI'll need it myself09:49
ceenein a couple months I will have forgotten everything about this, because it's the less intuitive thing i've faed09:49
KotCzarnymost tutorials about autotools are from 2004-200809:49
KotCzarnywould be nice to have some fresh one09:49
NihlanderDocScrutinizer05: Thanks for that, will check out later!09:58
ceenethe best thing I've learnt about today is 'autoscan'10:01
ceeneyou almost only have to write your and run autoscan, which will generate configure.scan, which you simply edit to set a couple of things and rename as, and voila!10:02
Nihlanderflorian == cyb3rops ??10:17
florianNihlander: nope :-)10:35
NihlanderWell, howdy regardless!10:36
KotCzarnythat's yours?11:01
KotCzarnycool, thx11:01
ceeneyou can read the README and then you can go check commit by commit what changes were made, every commit is pretty well explained, I think11:02
KotCzarnybtw. step 10 should be '????'11:02
KotCzarnyand only step 11 be 'profit!'11:02
ceenethat's right11:02
ceenei may reword some commits in the future, as I don't intend this repository to be forkable or anything, I don't mind rewriting history as I want it to be like an interactive guide, commit by commit11:02
ceeneand now I'm gonna need to some real work. This will be helpful for me and future me, and my company in the future, but i'm getting paid right now to do other things of more immediate need :D11:04

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