=== revocon 0.5.1jr (from http://goron.de/~froese/revoco/revoco-0.5.tar.gz ) ===
tested and working with both MX-revolution (M/N: M-RBQ124) and MX5500-mouse (M/N: M-RCL124)
got small bugfixes by me to make battery and mode command work

=== mx5000tools 0.1.2 (from http://download.gna.org/mx5000tools/) ===
([partially] tested with MX5500-kbd)

./configure needs "zypper install libnetpbm-devel" on my OpenSuse11

mx5000-tool --beep
mx5000-tool --time *)
*): partially working, has bugs. See below

fix bug "always 2007" in "mx5000-tool --time
fix weird --help of mx5000-tool