libera/#devuan-riscv/ Sunday, 2023-08-06

joerg[6 Aug 2023 09:00:32] *** ChanServ sets the channel topic to "Discussions about Devuan on RISC-V. | chanlogs:".09:02
joerg[6 Aug 2023 06:39:13] <onefang>
joergyou asked for chanlogs... ;-)09:13
joergplease check if everything works as supposed09:14
joergeasier to fix flaws/oopsies right now, rather than later on when I forgot where to look for them09:15
onefangI see logs.  I don't usually poke at these things, since I rely on my local logs.  Soooo, seems to work.09:16
onefangMight help if I enable JavaScript.09:18
* onefang smiles and goes back to playing my game.09:19
joergaccess list has: *!*@devuan/developer/* +Votv; +t means all users that match that mask (i.e. those who get autovoiced (+V)) may use `/msg chanserv toppicappend` and related commands, see `/msg chanserv help topic`09:19
joergand `/msg chanserv help topicappend`09:21
joergtopicappend automatically inserts a delimiter " | "09:22
bb|hcbjoerg: thanks!17:53
bb|hcbin the meantime some deps got resolved and the list of packages to build is decreasing. i will post the file later17:56
bb|hcbThe only package that fails to build for now is tomcat9 - there is some java segfault, maybe related to the simple emulation that I am using...23:32
bb|hcbHere is the pending stuff:

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