libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2023-12-01

clegrand_Hello everyone,15:17
clegrand_Does anyone have LeePen's email so I can contact him please?15:17
golinuxclegrand_: Have you tried to message him here?16:11
golinuxThat would be the best place to start a dialog.16:11
clegrand_Yes, but no answers yet.16:12
clegrand_I would like to know if he has an email devuan to contact him directly?16:12
clegrand_After that, if he prefers that channel, it's no problem.16:12
masonPRepare to be shocked:
rrqyeah. Obviously that "usrmerge" is a very important thing to do since no effort is too much to have it done... hmm what was the problem it solved now again?23:49
golinuxmason: Extensive discussion on DNG mail list23:56

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