libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2023-11-15

brocashelmfsmithred: when you return, could you update /etc/lsb-release on your refracta isos? check the typo: DISTRIB_CODENAME=daedelus (
brocashelmand, i get the generic xfce wallpaper on the latest refracta 12 isos; assuming this was intentional03:27
onefangI've always said we should pick release names that are easier to spell.  lol03:31
brocashelmlol yeah03:32
brocashelmat least excalibur will be easier (i hope)03:32
onefangNah, excaliber, exalibrrrrr, etc...03:37
onefangI like it.  B-)03:40
gnu_srs1(14:26:55) gnu_srs1: Hello, when working on a Hurd port to Devuan, which branch of amprolla3 to download?17:29
gnu_srs1(14:27:09) gnu_srs1: Can I checkout via git?17:29
gnu_srs1(14:27:59) gnu_srs1:
sakrecoerHello Devuan devs! Weekly Devuan meet is approaching: Novmber 16th, @20:30 UTC22:07
sakrecoerPad is here:
sakrecoerMeet is here:

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