libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2023-10-30

bb|hcbLeePen: A bugfix for eudev came by aitor, IMO that justifies a release + stable updates. I can add the respective patch(es) and prepare 3.2.12-4+deb11u2/3.2.12-4+deb12u2 or use the newer version like 3.2.15-1~chimaera1/3.2.15-1~daedalus1. Which one is better?00:41
free_fir1I'd think seperating webcams from video group would be a good move. Even if it breaks some programs it would probably have to happen eventually. The other option is moving rendering device to their own group which is probably a worse option.01:01
brocashelmor just tape a piece of paper on the webcam "eye" ;)01:04
free_fir1well, if it makes breakage eudev can revert the change if the user wants?01:08
free_fir1Video rendering shouldn't have the user in the group maybe :)01:10
free_fir1some one will have to update hasciicam. Will be top priority01:14
LeePenbb|hcb: probably the latter. +debNN doesn't really mean anything for a non-forked package.07:40
bb|hcbLeePen: OK, thanks! I like that way too15:52
bb|hcbLeePen: Just got two Milk-V Mars RISC-V boards, the bad news is that I am travelling again and will not be able to install until next week16:01
bb|hcbThose are with JH7110 and upstream support should be much better16:01
onefangIf you got two of them, and are travelling ... in my direction, drop one off, then I can install it earlier than one week.  B-)16:18
bb|hcbNot your direction :) But I can post you one, if you are interested16:21
onefangWell I was only half joking.  lol16:23
* onefang looks up that board.16:23
onefangIt looks like a Pi, is it plug compatible?16:24
onefangSounds like a Pi 5, but RISC-V.16:25
bb|hcbDoes not boot on first try, maybe bad sd-card or pulled too early. I have not time now to solder a RS232 to see what is going on16:25
bb|hcbYes, it is form factor and pin compatible16:25
onefangCool.  An old client wants me to convert an old project to Pi, but he's being really slack about going forward with this plan.  This may be an alternative if Pi's are hard to find.16:28
* bb|hcb feels stupid - hdmi does not work, but the board is alive16:31
onefangPlug in a keyboard, push random keys?16:37
bb|hcbI could ssh, there is a GUI running but not signal, or my stupid tv does not understand it. Who cares - I need ssh only :)16:44
onefangMostly cool.16:45
onefangSame from the other one?16:45
onefangShould we take this to #devuan-riscv?16:45
bb|hcbNot really, I have to go. ssh is there, so I can fiddle with it remotely :)16:51
onefangAh looks like it has the same hard to get issue Pi has, so might not help my client.16:53
bb|hcbIMHO, RISC-V will be more and more available in the coming years16:56
* bb|hcb afk16:56

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