libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2023-10-18

rrqanyone knows how to restrict/change the window geometry for "meld" used in LXQt ?00:40
rrq(uses xfwm4)00:41
rrqmeld is "a gnome program" ... how do they determine geometry? (this one thinks my display is 2 monitors high)00:45
bb|hcbLeePen: OK, argyll came, but we have a dependency loop00:54
bb|hcb libsane1 : Depends: libavahi-client3 (>= 0.6.16) but it is not installable00:54
bb|hcb            Depends: libavahi-common3 (>= 0.6.16) but it is not installable00:54
bb|hcbSo it is colord->libsane1->avahi->libgtk->colord00:55
bb|hcbCan you upload libavahi-client3 and libavahi-common3 in dak, then I can build colord, then avahi...00:56
rrqI have "meld" doing it's fullscreen, and all it's window buttons are outside of my monitor... how do I change its geometry?01:55
bb|hcbrrq: I know nothing about desktop stuff :(02:06
bgstack15xfwm4 tends to use some defaults keybinds for moving windows02:23
bgstack15sometimes it doesn't work with a "fullscreen" mode application, but you can try "Super+Alt+LeftArrow"02:23
bgstack15to move to the left half of the screen?02:23
bgstack15or just "Super+LeftArrow"02:23
bgstack15and if you're using xfwm4 you might have xfce4-settings binary, run that and adjust the Window Manager settings, tab Keyboard02:24
bgstack15and did you try the classic Alt+LeftClick-and-drag to try to move the window?02:25
XenguyThe last one is what used to work for me02:27
onefang"Fullscreen" is always bad for me, I just maximize windows instead.  Fills the screen on the monitor, doesn't jealously grab input so I can still switch to other things or switch virtual desktops.05:49
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, October 19, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
LeePenbb|hcb: done. It will take a couple of minutes for amprolla to merge16:43
amesserLeePen, thanks für building tomcat9 for chimaera-p-u21:33
amesserI have just pushed a fixed version for beowulf-p-u as well now. Would great if you can trigger that build at some time.21:34
LeePenamesser: sure. Did you add Origin?21:48
LeePenGreat, thanks.21:49

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