libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2023-10-17

amesserHi LeePen. I have just merged and pushed some security updates for tomcat9 to chimaera-proposed-updates20:26
amesserWould be great if can start a build for it: (
onefangDoesn't that happen automatically?20:28
fsmithredyou have to create an issue20:31
fsmithredoh, maybe something extra is needed to do for proposed-updates. I'm not sure.20:32
bb|hcbunstable and experimental builds are triggered via issue on git.d.o, but stable updates need an account on jenkins20:33
amesseryes, it needs a jenkins account20:35
bb|hcbI have an account but prefer not to mess the things, lets wait for LeePen21:00
amesserno hurries21:02
amesserI was a lazy anyways and have to catch up with updates now21:02
LeePenamesser: I will trigger that.21:03
amesseran update for beowulf-p-u will also follow (still test compiling here)21:04
LeePenSure, thanks.21:06
brocashelmrecommendation: i suggest creating a #devuan-next channel for testing/unstable support, so the main #devuan can be for stable and oldstable21:51
golinuxThat would make it easier to find relevant issues21:56
golinuxGets my vote. As to infra . . . don't know if that would make much of a difference.21:58
golinuxAs to it becoming a habit . . . I suspect there will be a lot of redirection needed until folks get used to it21:59
golinuxAnd announcements and www updates. So cascade effects . . .21:59
brocashelmi like less centralization22:00
golinuxYes, I also like many baskets to store knowledge22:00
brocashelmalso, there is an unofficial oftc #devuan channel: i understand wanting to stick to just one server, but it wouldn't hurt to have an irc relay bot for those who can't connect to libera for some reason needing help. i find oftc more convenient to use22:02
brocashelmkeep the main stuff on libera, oftc can have the irc relay bot to communicate between the two servers22:02
DelTomixInfo in the topic might help alleviate some redirection overhead like "For unstable use #devuan-next" or something to that effect22:04
brocashelmyeah, i think spreading it out a bit would help22:05
brocashelmthat way, the folks interested in unstable/testing can use #devuan-next22:05
brocashelmand i think for experimental support, use #devuan-dev to communicate directly with the devs22:06
brocashelmsince that's where you sign up to be a guinea pig22:06
amesserLeePen: I have pushed another version with "Origin:" removed. You may trigger another build for chimaera-p-u.23:01
amesserIn beowulf-p-u, the Origin: field is entirely missing. Should I add it for source?23:01

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