libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2023-10-03

rwpXenguy, :-)  Thanks!00:46
rwpWhat's annoying is that munin was uploaded to Unstable and then it migrated into Testing after only 2 days due to urgency=medium even though there was no urgency that I could see there.00:49
rwpHere is the source of the motivation for the change.  A cascade from "aide".
amesserLeePen: I just found that I can mostlike disable the usrmerge message by unsetting a define. It seems to me its just an artifical warning without any side-effect at the moment.17:27
amessershould we go for that?17:29
bb|hcbThere are two ways - to disable the warning or patch the tests to ignore exactly this warning. I am not sure which is more proper17:32
LeePenI would prefer we disable the warning at least until we decide that we will *have* to adopt merged usr for everybody.17:47
LeePenAFAICS the warning is just a way for the advocates of usr merge to say it is 'done' and anything else is unsupported.17:48
amesserok, i'll prepare another version18:00
miojoany #devuan op here?18:02
miojoThere's a troll spreading lies about the community in #devuan18:03
joergmiojo: thanks18:26
miojojoerg: np :]18:35

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