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helios21Thank you dearly for Devuan 5 aka Daedalus!11:33
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
XenguyThanks bgstack1515:24
LeePenbb|hcb: any progress on the eudev/udev/libgudev version issue?15:47
LeePenIt is preventing me building the new version of udisks.15:47
bgstack15I have been struggling with libgudev problems too. Good thing Debian keeps around...16:39
bb|hcb - I made a fix, but no one seems interested in review/approve :(17:15
bb|hcbI will push it unreviewed after some time17:15
LeePenbb|hcb: thanks17:41
golinuxMaybe we could teach a meme how to do stuff like that!17:44
golinuxSince they're not good for much of anything but wasting time . . .17:45
bb|hcbOn a second thought, I can just add the patch downstream and build, let me do that now18:43
bgstack15bb|hcb: yes, if we can get it into Devuan unstable by hook or crook, that'll make life easier for at least me!19:26
bb|hcbbgstack15: version 3.2.12-2, freshly built19:28
LeePenbgstack15: I have been catching up with packaging for ceres/excalibur.19:29
LeePenThere are new versions of lightdm, freeipa (and 389-ds-base in bookworm).19:30
LeePenI know logind support is finally included in the new lightdm. Do we still need to fork it?19:30
bb|hcbbgstack15: Please report if that fixes the libgudev problem - I have only chimaera/daedalus and can't test19:31
LeePenbb|hcb: certainly the udisks build I am testing now configures without error.19:36
bb|hcbAFAIU the new concept of "current" tags represent the evaluation of udev rules for the last event, while all tags are "sticky" and may include tags from previous evaluations. I do not understand how that can be useful but OTOH it should not break stuff19:44
bb|hcbIt is crazy how that change went without a soname bump for libudev; also Devuan's packaging does not include a symbols file - maybe that was done for broader compatibility or may be a simple omission?19:46
LeePenSounds like a synbols file would be useful.19:48
bgstack15OK, I'll work on lightdm. I'll check on the libgudev fix too hopefully20:02
bb|hcbLeePen: I think daedalus-backports needs lower priority - currently it is the same as daedalus21:12
fsmithredI believe it should be 10021:20
bb|hcbYes, on chimaera it is 10021:23
bb|hcbOn daedalus it is 50021:24
fsmithredwe had a previous problem with that (in jessie I think)21:26
fsmithredundoing it is a pain.21:26
fsmithredI mean if you get a bunch of bpo packages21:27
fsmithredI'm out of here and will have intermittent connection for the next few days (or maybe a week)21:27
bgstack15LeePen: yes, we have a very small amount of value-add to lightdm.21:39
bgstack15really just adding "session optional" to pam and "usermod -G audio -a lightdm" in the postinst21:40
bgstack15but if these are addressed in Debian packages (probably the pam stuff in a elogind dpkg if that is in Debian; never looked)21:41
bgstack15but I doubt the usermod statement is in a Debian package.21:41
LeePenbb|hcb, fsmithred: OK, I need to remind myself of the magic for that.22:05
bb|hcbI think I found it :)22:11
LeePenI have set both NotAutomatic: yes and Butautomaticupgrades: yes  for22:11
LeePendaedalus-backports in dak and regenerated the Release.22:11
LeePenamprolla should pick that up on the next merge.22:12
bb|hcbE: Repository 'http://<mymirror>/merged daedalus-backports InRelease' changed its default priority for apt_preferences(5) from 500 to 100.22:16
bb|hcbN: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details.22:16
bb|hcbLooks good22:16
LeePenThanks. SOrry for forgetting that (again!!)22:18
bb|hcbHope not many users are as brave as me to enable backports... And we caught it early22:20
LeePenbgstack15: thanks.22:20
LeePenbb|hcb: yes, and there is barely anything in it yet.22:20
amesserLeePen, there are some apt, libvirt unstable updates from Debian I didn't merged yet to avoid conflicts with daedalus release. Should I integrate these now and build for unstable?22:20
bb|hcbBesides a broken cmake - that's how I saw22:21
LeePenamesser: yes, now the release is done, ceres is available for normal builds intended for excalibur.22:22
LeePenI have caught up with quite a few, but those would be great.22:22
LeePenAnd we still have tomcat10 to deal with...22:22
LeePenbgstack15: in future, can you merge rather than rebase? Rebasing changes history which is unfortunate and messes with the bug closing versions.22:24
amesserwhats the plan for tomcat10? Are we going to fork? Doesn't seem to me debian maintainers like to include the sysv init script.22:26
amesserI happy to maintain the fork if desired...22:26
LeePenThanks. Sounds good to me, since you have some experience of it.22:32
bb|hcbLeePen: When you have time, lets look into the riscv64 builds22:38
LeePenI have 2 other pressing things first. Maybe next week?22:40
bb|hcbI'd suppose the steps should be 1) enabling that in unstable 2) uploading the stuff i have manually built in dak 3) rebuilding all22:41
bb|hcbNext week I am offline, but the one after next should be good :)22:41
LeePenEven better!22:42
amesserok, i'll go for it. thanks for the advice.22:42
bgstack15LeePen: I will try to merge. I get confused between all the git history stuff and I always just blow away whatever history I had for the previous releases of lightdm for devuan.22:42
bgstack15and bb|hcb, was it the eudev package that you updated for unstable? I am happy to report my xinput stuff works still, with libgudev-1.0-0=238-2 installed22:43
bb|hcbYes, it should have already hit the mirrors22:44
LeePenbgstack15: From the current suites/unstable, I merge the new debian tag, fixup, add new d/changelog and build.22:44
LeePenOr try d1src-merge from devscripts-devuan which will do most of the work for you in simple cases.22:45
bgstack15writing this down to try it for next time (and frankly for freeipa-client hopefully later today)22:50

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