libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2023-08-02

bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, August 3, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
onefangJust reading the notes for the last one, so we have our own Mastodon instance
golinuxonefang: Yes. setto just set it up17:07
onefangCool, I've been wanting to try out Mastodon.  I'll join up tomorrow.17:34
onefangEr, later today, it's 1:30 AM here.  lol17:35
golinuxIt still needs a little theming coordination but we'll get there . . .18:08
bb|hcbLeePen: I made an experiment to install the official riscv64 Debian in a chroot and build Devuan packages there (by binfmt qemu). It is slow but works. The main problem is that way too many dependencies are still missing (in Debian) and I can not install all needed packages for a build host. My expectation is that after the deps show-up, we will have a riscv64 builder19:59
LeePenbb|hcb: Great. My experience of binfmt qemu builders is that they can be unreliable for some packages.20:09
LeePenIIRC, src:procps has been problematic in the past.20:10
LeePenBut maybe the emulation is better now.20:10
LeePenI would prefer native hardware, if we can find it.20:10
bb|hcbYes, procps and elogind needed disabling their tests20:14
bb|hcbDebian uses but there is none available; the ones available are in the raspberry 2 class20:17
LeePenOK. There is no rush -- when we can source one, it will be useful.20:21
bb|hcbYes, there isn't. Debian is rebuilding since 5 days only :)20:22
joerganybody fit with lighttpd config? could I use regex and %1 replacements in mod.setenv.add-environment like it's used in mod.url.rewrite-once ?
joerg is what I found but seems I'm short of luck for setenv?21:11
joergthen OTOH maybe I ought prefer to only set environment to pre-defined values instead of dynamically from inbound HTTP data?21:16

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