libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2023-07-10

brocashelmfsmithred: i just burned the iso to a dvd-r; i made it past the devuan-live boot menu at the very least (taking a while to get to the desktop, but it's working)01:31
brocashelmi see apparmor profile fail messages (asks if you have the correct privileges)01:32
fsmithredThanks. Let me know when you get there.01:33
brocashelmnow i just see a black screen01:33
brocashelmi see the pointer01:33
fsmithredhm...  cat /proc/cmdline when you get to desktop01:33
fsmithredsee if apparmor=0 is there01:34
brocashelmi made it to the desktop, but the bootup has been very slow (probably on the optical disc)01:34
fsmithredI know in previous releases I turned it off because some apps wouldn't work (libreoffice)01:34
brocashelmok, got terminal screen loaded up01:35
fsmithredyeah, it gets slower every release, and last time you used optical it was probably a lot faster01:35
brocashelmyes, apparmor=0 is there01:35
brocashelmi am testing this on a dell studio 15 laptop01:35
brocashelminternal cd/dvd drive01:35
fsmithredyeah, the bug report was starting to sound like it was specific to hardware01:36
fsmithredthanks for testing01:36
brocashelmBOOT_IMAGE=/live/vmlinuz initrd=/live/initrd.img boot=live username=devuan apparmor=0 (i just typed this out)01:37
fsmithredthat looks right01:37
brocashelmworking fine for me01:37
brocashelmthunar loads, although clicking on package_list (without specifying default) loads up libreoffice (should be mousepad instead)01:38
fsmithredI think that goes by whatever was installed last01:39
brocashelmso he is also using a dell laptop. mine is from the core2 era. legacy boot01:39
fsmithredexternal optical drive01:40
brocashelmactually, wait, it's i501:40
brocashelmthe cpu on this laptop is i5 m 52001:40
brocashelmi don't have any external usb cd/dvd drives, though01:41
fsmithredif you feel ambitious you could re-set the file associations and save me the mimelist to include in future builds01:43
fsmithredI think images are opened by web browser instead of whatever (ristretto?)01:43
fsmithredThanks, that would be great.01:44
brocashelmi'd just have to export them to a file and send them to you, so i'll do that on a vm01:44
brocashelmi'll use this iso to update the mimelist01:45
fsmithredin chimaera, it's ~/.config/mimeapps.list01:45
brocashelmthanks, i'll have a look01:46
fsmithredyou'll have to open different file types. If I remember correctly, using dummy files with the extensions you want doesn't work any more.01:47
brocashelmthere's a python gui called that lets me see the whole thing and set each filetype association01:51
brocashelmi just loaded the iso on a vm and am going to have a look01:51
brocashelmis it ok if all text files use mousepad? i see vim as default in some spots (like tex and various c/c++/c# source code files)01:56
brocashelmand yes, png/jpeg/gif images are set to firefox-esr by default01:58
brocashelmi'll change them to ristretto01:58
ballsystemlord_Vim?! The default for text files must be Emacs! (ha ha)02:15
slipshey lads, i think i've been in here before but I'm interested in hosting a Devuan repo again. I know there was docs on that at some point but i can't find them anymore, can anyone point me in the right direction?16:42
slipssorry if this is the wrong channel btw, looked the most accurate on the site lol.16:44
golinuxslips: Greetings! The iso mirror ifo is here:17:08
golinuxAnd the package mirror info is here:17:08
golinuxAny other questions, just ask.17:08
slipsMuch appreciated!17:38
slipsWhew, repos are down to 17GB this year? that's wild. Quick question actually, what sort of outbound traffic should i expect while running a repo?17:43
slipsMy provider charges extra over 20TB out in a month, guessing by the repo size i get the feeling that won't be much of an issue but i also have no frame of reference here17:45
masonslips: Note that a lot of stuff is redirected into the Debian infrastructure, so the actual Devuan-specific bits would be less.17:59
slipsmason: yeah i knew that part, i was just surprised considering last year when i was originally looking at this project it was like 6018:02
golinuxThat is for the package repos18:04
golinuxSome of the earlier isos are now archived18:04
slipsoh, cool.18:12
onefangslips: I'll be who you need to talk to about a new package mirror, but I just woke up, and I got a dental appointment this morning, so things will be slow for awhile on my end.23:46

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