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masonI'm curious if we have something talking about our strategy with sysvinit. Looks like we import from Debian, and I see what I believe matches Daedalus in suites/unstable, but with some local changes... Upstream (slicer69) is a bit ahead, but I see recent patches there from LeePen. I'd love to understand the relationship between the three.03:27
masonI looked at the Debian BTS and there were only three wishlist bugs against sysvinit. Not sure why I don't see there.03:29
masonOh, duh, because it's against initscripts.03:31
plasma41mason: Probably you're looking at the bug page for the binary package sysvinit instead of for the source package sysvinit. See
masonplasma41: has a bunch03:32
masonThank you. Yours is what I want.03:32
masonDidn't realize I could search by source package.03:33
plasma41I've mistakenly searched for the binary instead of source version of a package in the BTS many times.03:34
masonInteresting that Sid hasn't imported the new upstream yet. I wonder if upstream is the right place to submit patches to fix bugs in Sid, or where.03:36
plasma41Maybe take the shotgun approach and submit patches to both places?03:57
masonplasma41: I was just asking in oftc/#debian-init and I guess upstream watches the init-diversity mailing list, and takes appropriate patches. I've got upstream checked out and I don't see them taking pull requests. Debian seems to pull from upstream into Experimental first, or at least that's how it is right now. Daedalus seems to be running the same version as Sid right now, and we appear to add some03:59
masoncommits atop that.03:59
masonplasma41: It's like Pokemon. Collect 'em all!
masonI urgently need a local git server now that I've migrated off of Subversion in the house.04:04
onefangcgit works well for me.04:09
masonYeah, thinking of either cgit/gitolite3, plain gitserver, or possibly Gitea.04:10
masons/either/one of/04:10
masonQuestion, unrelated: Looking at a request for a bugfix for slim, and there's no branch for Chimaera, let alone Daedalus:  Should there be a suites/chimaera there, or is the notion now that we use suites/unstable and tag release, or...?04:12
plasma41mason: Ideally, there would be a branch for each suite, but branch creation up to now aiui has been a fully manual process on a best-effort basis.04:53
LeePenmason: There is usually a suite/branch only if a package was orihinally built for that suite.07:01
LeePenThe usual route is build for unstable which migrates to testingl07:02
LeePenTargetted fixes for stable. usually via -seciruty or -proposed-updates.07:03
Unit193Some do a backports branch too, though personally since it's just dch --bpo, pbuilder, upload I don't bother and just do 'simple style' backporting.07:04
LeePenThe latest upstream is in Debian experimental because Debian was frozen when I did the upload a few months ago and I haven?t got round to a new upload for sid.07:06
LeePen(Probably this weekend)07:06
Unit193Unfreeze was very nice, I uploaded a ton already.  Backports will likely open this weekend as well.  Not sure you do anything with backports though.07:06
bb|hcbUnit193: Half of the stuff I maintain in Debian benefits from backports - there are many things unsuitable for a stable update but still beneficial to users15:54
plasma41LeePen: On the new line 61 of, is '5' supposed to be in the list? It doesn't seem right. Am I missing something?23:00
LeePenI think you are right. Thanks. Should be '1 and 4'.23:04

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