libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2023-06-11

LeePenI have just frozen automatic britney migrations from ceres to daedalus in preparation for the release.10:58
LeePenIf any of these are required for daedalus, let me know, so I can unblock them10:58
rrqapt-setup is used in the installer, but afair the update wasn't significant11:04
rrqwell, was some language fixes for a couple of langauges so might be "important" as such11:05
rrq.. yes; please unblock apt-setup11:07
LeePenrrq: done11:08
rrqpreview auto-building is disabled .. it's all poised for rc111:09
fsmithredLeePen, please unblock desktop-base, refractainstaller-base and refractainstaller-gui11:59
xrogaansome of those log files might need to be restored.14:40
LeePenfsmithred: done. Should show up in the next britney run at 1822Z.14:52
adam_free2airHi LeePen: I've updated and switched off WIP:16:53
fsmithredadam_free2air, what does "switched off" mean?16:57
fsmithredcan I still pull the WIP docs? I probably don't have the latest versions locally.16:57
adam_free2airLeePen: but please notice the merge in the PR that was included through a gitea web interface option. If this is a problem, I'll redo the PR.16:58
adam_free2airfsmithred: it was a gitea web interface option "Switch off the WIP:" (I think that was the wording)16:59
adam_free2airThe PR title was prefixed "WIP: "16:59
bb|hcbWIP for PR means not ready to merge; removing the WIP means good to merge...16:59
* bb|hcb afk17:00
onefangNo longer a Work In Progress I guess.17:00
LeePenadam_free2air: thanks, merged.17:04
LeePenbb|hcb: I am looking at the amprolla merge of daedalus-security. Why does Debian use updates/non-free-firmware for that component?17:11
LeePenI have a dirty fix that just ignores updates/, but I am unsure of allt he implications ATM.17:12
bb|hcbLeePen: I'd suppose there is nothing forked/banned in *-security/non-free-firmware, not sure why they do it like that.18:09
LeePenbb|hcb: It makes little sense to me. I wonder if it is a relic from before buster and we can just ignore the prefix directory.18:13
bb|hcbNot sure, but my point was that it will be confusing for users if that does not work. And it works in Debian...18:15
bb|hcbAnd it is a little bit scary to have security updates in non-free-fw ;)18:16
bb|hcb... or not to have them18:17

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