libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2023-05-17

bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, May 18, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
LeePenI have just built a new xfce4-session for ceres which prefers xscreensaver to light-locker.19:10
LeePenI think that should avoid pulling in lightdm over slim in task-xfce-desktop installs.19:11
LeePenWorks for me using ipxe boot of the mini.iso.19:12
LeePenI would be grateful for other testers, please.19:12
fsmithredbuilding a ceres destkop-live iso now19:28
fsmithredit'll be a couple hours before it's done and I download it.19:28
fsmithredI just had a peek in the bootstrap dir and lightdm is not installed. The iso is squashing now.20:11
LeePenSounds encouraging.20:12
fsmithredSuccess! We have slim and no lightdm20:36
LeePenGreat. Thanks for confirming.20:37
golinuxfsmithred: Great news!!20:40

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