libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2023-05-16

rrqI wonder if it'd be a stronger fix to make task-xfce-desktop recommend xscreensaver; then maybe it wouldn't install light-locker and thus not lightdm...05:36
rrqor xfce4-screensaver I suppose05:43
XenguyIsn't xscreensaver rumored to be sketchy somehow?05:45
XenguyI don't recall the details at all05:46
XenguyThe author has taken some controversial decisions, but again, just not sure05:47
Unit193The author is a pain to deal with, but no xscreensaver appears to do better than others.05:48
XenguyFair enough Unit19305:48
XenguyI don't bother to install it myself, after I read these notions05:49
XenguyI don't see why it's needed either05:50
Unit193The gist of it is: If xfce4-screensaver works for you, then use it.  But it has ssome issues for some, even to the point of crashing.  xscreensaver seems to be the best, but yeah some don't care for it based solely on who the dev is.  light-locker is always a problem. :P05:50
onefangxscreensaver has a systemd contamination.06:20
bgstack15onefang: ofc I could just research it, but I'd like to hear from you: how has systemd contaminated xscreensaver?13:51
bgstack15I successfully use xscreensaver on Devuan, and have for years.13:51
onefangSome of the files installed with xscreensaver - /usr/bin/xscreensaver-systemd  /usr/lib/systemd/user/xscreensaver.service14:30
onefangI still use it to.14:31
bgstack15Ah, well, what doesn't include systemd service files these days? At least they're inert!14:57
hagbardI bug#758 "Changelogs are not available for forked packages" affects synaptic too.18:24
LeePenIt affects anything that expects to download changelogs from a URL.18:44

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