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rrqfsmithred: preview-20230508_amd64_netinstall gave me lightdm01:57
golinuxSo where is slim? :(01:58
rrqhmm, yes, teh depends entry is "slim | lightdm" so slim should have been preferred02:04
bgstack15doesn't this fallback behavior happen when the first one is uninstallable? Maybe slim has some broken deps at the moment?02:05
rrqwill see what "server" does, once my ISP serves me the bits...02:07
rrq(or maybe I need "desktop" really)02:09
golinuxI just left a note for Rob Pierce on git regarding slim's readiness for primetime . . .02:14
golinuxAccording to fsr, slim is set in desktop-base so might not interact with a server install02:16
golinuxSeems he is mostly afk this weekend so a definitive answer might have to wait.02:18
rrqpreview-20230508_amd64_desktop installation without package mirror gives me lightdm as well; I'll see what some preinstall pinning might do03:06
rrqpreview-20230508_amd64_desktop installation with lightdm pinned (asap) to -1 gives me slim03:24
rrqapparently some package other than task-xfce-desktop overrides/outruns its preferential dependency choice03:26
rrqunless apt's logic has changed to use alphabetical rather than option order03:27
rrq(for example)03:28
rrqperhaps the choice is due to "provider of x-display-manager", which applies ascii-alphabetical order03:32
fsmithredI got lightdm in live-sdk too. And I saw that it's "slim|lightdm" so that's why I asked.03:39
fsmithredSo in live-sdk I specified slim in the package list, right before task-xfce-desktop, and I still got lightdm.03:40
rrq.. and by debtree, "lightdm" is further away from "task-xfce-desktop" than "slim"...03:41
fsmithredweird. The live-iso doesn't even have slim installed. I'd have to go back and look at the logs to see if it got installed and removed.03:42
fsmithredoh, and there's no sapphire ligntdm bg.  <-- golinux03:43
fsmithredgreeter-sapphire-wide-large.png and greeter-sapphire-narrow-large.png are missing03:45
rrqx-display-manager", which applies ascii-alphabetical order03:48
rrqx-display-manager only comes via cinnamon-core or lxqt so that wouldn't apply for xfce03:49
rrqis gksu available for daedalus?03:51
fsmithredslim did get installed according to the log. So did lightdm.03:51
fsmithredno, gksu has been gone for a long time03:52
fsmithredI can't tell where slim got removed, but it's not in the final iso.03:54
fsmithredanyway, I need to sleep. Maybe I'll try putting slim after task-xfce-destkop. If that doens't work, I'll add lightdm to the purge_packages list.03:55
fsmithredbut I still want the lightdm bg files for desktop-base, please golinux03:55
rrqslim is on the desktop installer-iso, but lightdm got preferred03:55
fsmithredjust started a build. I'll play with it in the morning. If you want to look, it's in the amd64-livebld, but it's i386 iso. I'm doing all in one place lately. Right now I forget why, but there was a good reason.03:59
fsmithredsee you on the other side03:59
fsmithredoh yeah, I had to build new chimaera isos and I only wanted to upload files once.04:00
brocashelmrrq: you could use lxqt-sudo in place04:10
brocashelmlxsu also works to call that prompt04:10
brocashelme.g. lxsu synaptic04:11
rrqthanks; though trying to work out why a pristine task-xfce-desktop installation gains lightdm rather than slim04:11
rrqor possibly it gains both, and then lightdm overrides due to alphabetical order04:12
rrq(or something)04:13
rrqtask-xfce-desktop dep=> xfce4 dep=> xfce4-session rec=> (light-locker|...) dep=> lightdm04:39
rrqand that precedes: task-xfce-desktop dep=> ( slim | lightdm )04:41
rrqperhaps helped by reordering, so that: [task-xfce-desktop dep=> ( slim | lightdm ), xfce4] rathr than as now: [task-xfce-desktop dep=> xfce4, ( slim | lightdm )]04:43
golinuxJust read that lightdm needs sapphire styling. UGH. I hope I can get it together . . .05:04
golinuxTook a look and see they are already there.05:08
golinuxHow did you miss that? Or is something woring with them . . .05:09
golinuxfsmithred: ^^^05:09
golinuxAlso . . . apologoes for misspelling Rob's name earlier.  It is Pearce not Pierce05:15
fsmithredgolinux, I found those files and added them to desktop-base. I did rename them so that they are similar to the deepsea greeter names, so that I didn't have to change the code. (i.e. I already replaced deepsea with sapphire in several places.)13:56
fsmithredBut I don't know what to do with the 1080p file.13:56
fsmithredmaking progress - if I list slim after task-xfce-desktop then slim is installed in the iso. Unfortunately, so is lightdm and lightdm is the one that gets used. I wll add it to the purge list.14:51
fsmithredI just noticed that intel and amd64 microcode packages are in the purge list. I don't recall why they are there. Can anyone think of a reason we shouldn't include those in the desktop-live?14:59
fsmithredThe minimal-live does surgery on the initramfs, so they probably shouldn't be included there.14:59
rrqI'm checking the variant of moving the (slim|lightdm) dependency entry up for task-xfce-desktop, to be first dependency entry... slightly cumbersomme to setup the test though15:19
fsmithredfixing it there will fix it everywhere, not just the live isos.15:28
rrqyes; if that solves it15:29
fsmithredbuilding with lightdm in purge list - it's squashing now15:29
rrqit seems that elevating that (slim|lightdm) dependecy for task-exfce-desktop to highest lexical prominence (i.e. top of its list) the installation offers an extra dialog for selecting lightdm or slim16:45

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