libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2023-05-02

rrqthe idea of torrents would only make some sense if each ISO had its own torrent, as in that case it could help reducing bandwidth on *the server*; clients still commit to support upload of the piceces (s.c. sharing among clients) as well as needing to download them once so their bandwidth usage get worse.01:15
rrqfurther, if clients are behind NAT, then the *network load* doubles for clinet-client sharing since then pieces need to bounce on a common server.01:23
rrqso I remain holding the thought that "torrents" is a well-marketed stupid idea. It helps the publisher, yes, but is worse for everyone else... compared to direct download.01:26
bb|hcbI like the idea of having a separate torrent per iso - they will be versioned and more manageable than now01:43
bb|hcbThere is no such central server in bittorrent protocol; clients behind nat try to open a direct connection by tricking the nat that the packets from the other end are replies to an already open connection01:45
bb|hcbSo if they can't do that, it is like the other end never existed and another peer is used...01:46
bb|hcbCompared to direct download, when there is very less demand, it is the very same as the direct download. But in extreme scenarios bittorrent scales very well01:50
rrqwell, I'd say ordinary mirroring of servers scales better, from a client's point of view03:18
rrqwhichever; it's a downloading technology that some people are partial to, and it's not a huge on-cost to support it... nothing I need worry about03:28
bb|hcbrrq: Exactly :) What do you think about generating a separate .torrent per .iso file?14:55
rrqsomething easily scripted isn't it14:56
rrqpossibly it'll need a separate directory or something?14:57
rrqit'd be some 30-40 files14:57
bb|hcbTorrents may contain a folder with files or in case of a single file, be made without folder; I think the later is better14:58
bb|hcbThen the .torrent can live together with the respective .iso14:58
rrqmmm wouldn't be my first choice but I guess I think of those files as clutter anyhow :)15:01
rrqafaik, a torrent can be made with a relative pathname, so a sibling with its origin is fine15:08
fsmithredI just put some daedalus minimal-live isos on but i did that before downloading and testing them. I'm currently downloading the amd64 and should be finished in about an hour. If someone could download the i386 and see if it boots (in qemu or virtualbox is ok) that would be a big help. My internet is crazy sloe.20:32
fsmithredTESTER(S) NEEDED ^^^20:32
bb|hcbletme try20:51
bb|hcbwhat kind of boot? bios or efi?20:52
fsmithredalso 'dpkg -l refractainstaller-base' should be 9.6.620:53
bb|hcbOK, a menu is there, what to select?20:54
fsmithredfirst one20:54
fsmithredENTER, then SPACE20:55
fsmithredor ENTER for more display sizes20:55
bb|hcbrefractainstaller-base is 9.6.620:56
fsmithredI still have 15 minutes left to download amd64. Feel like doing that one, too?20:56
bb|hcbthere were some error messages during boot, but couldn't record20:57
bb|hcbgrr. it does not boot on a i38620:58
fsmithredthat's your host system?20:59
bb|hcblive-config debconf yadda-yadda user user does not exist20:59
bb|hcbagain 9.6.621:00
bb|hcbmotd says Beowulf 3.021:00
fsmithredThanks. I didn't know that was there. I found it and fixed it for next build.21:05
fsmithredamd64 boots uefi, too. I just checked it.21:37

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