libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2023-04-29

joergshould we get a link to $whatever-the-authoritative-source about what's the current status and how to proceed regarding the root passwd issue?05:54
joergin the /topic of #devuan, that is05:55
joerglike  ?05:56
joergfsmithred: ^^^ ?05:58
golinuxHe is asleep now05:59
joergwhat do you think about it?06:00
golinuxIt is not in my wheel-house . . .06:08
LeePenfsmithred: I will increase the urgency of the new refractainstaller-* versions so they migrate to daedalus more quickly.10:16
fsmithredLeePen, thanks.12:47
LeePenfsmithred: if you set urgency=high in d/changelog that will have the same effect.12:48
fsmithredah, thank you.12:48
fsmithredjoerg, here's the deal - anyone who selected "Sudo as default. Disable root account" in refractainstaller versions 9.6.1 through 9.6.4 has a passwordless root. The fix is to run 'sudo passwd -l root'12:50
fsmithredcorrection: 9.6.0 through 9.6.4. <- joerg.12:52
fsmithredthe issue only affects chimaera live isos.12:53
fsmithredjoerg, problem is also in the current daedalus preview live-isos.14:16
plasma41fsmithred: Debian 11.7 just released, so it would probably be good to make sure the new Chimaera live ISOs include those package updates.19:36
fsmithredplasma41, I hope it released before last night. I have three isos made already. Re-making the fourth now.19:58
fsmithredactually, it doesn't matter, because these are still 4.0.x19:58

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