libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2023-04-28

fsmithredbrocashelm, fullstop - bug is fixed in version 9.6.5 of refractainstaller-base and refractainstaller-gui00:28
fsmithredThanks for alerting me.00:28
miojogood night!00:43
miojodid you guys, saw this ->  ?00:44
fsmithredyes miojo and I just fixed the installer.00:45
miojopeople are complaining about a live-desktop images, who leaves the root user with a blank password00:45
miojofsmithred, thank you00:46
fsmithredsorry about that.00:46
miojono problem man.00:46
fsmithredI took an alleged fix from someone and I guess I didn't test it thoroughly.00:46
miojojust a heads up. You how some people on reddit are00:46
fsmithredno, I don't go there.00:47
miojothey are always looking for something, to bash devuan00:47
fsmithredoh, ok. I guess we're pretty used to that.00:47
miojofsmithred, we have a link to the patch?00:47
brocashelmmost of the comments there are just nonsensical rhetoric that could be made about their own distros. use what works for you00:48
fsmithredit won't be in the devuan repo for probably an hour or two.00:48
fsmithredwhen it's there, I can upload copies to my sourceforge site.00:48
brocashelmok. i was just going to ask about the deb files in particular00:49
miojoalright. It would be nice a response there.00:49
brocashelmthanks for that00:49
fsmithreddo you need to have an account to post on reddit?00:50
brocashelmmaybe an announcement in dev1galaxy, just so they know the devs were made aware of the bug00:50
fsmithredanyone want to post links there when I have them?00:50
brocashelmthere is a devuan subreddit (unofficial, i think)00:50
miojofsmithred, yes i have00:50
fsmithredI will have links for you in about 1 minute. -base package is in ceres already00:50
miojofsmithred, i can post to it.00:50
miojofsmithred, thanks00:51
fsmithredok, maybe five minutes. I have to download and upload.00:51
miojono problem :)00:51
fsmithred^^^ there's one. I'm still waiting for the -gui package to get into the repo.01:02
brocashelmi presume you will have to reupload the images with these fixes?01:03
miojofsmithred, that's the link i should post?01:03
fsmithredyeah. I'll have another for the gui package.01:03
fsmithredIt's possible to only install and use the -base package. You get the cli script. The gui script is optional package.01:04
fsmithredand it's going slower into repo while I get increasingly impatient.01:04
fsmithred^^^ this one is uploaded and should show up on the page in a few minutes01:10
miojo"Thanks for the report.01:12
miojoIt has already been fixed:01:12
miojoRelated package (link to the package)01:12
miojoAlso, the iso images are being updated."01:12
miojoThat's my answer there01:12
fsmithreduh, I'm not certain when the isos will be rebuilt, but you don't need to mention that.01:13
fsmithredgui package is now there.01:14
brocashelmthere's also a thread on 4chan's /g/, so i'll make a mention there01:15
miojothank you guys!01:15
fsmithredI can't decide whether to post in the Announcements section or the Installation section of the forum.01:17
fsmithredand it's almost time for dinner.01:17
brocashelmannouncements, since this is a very important security issue, imo01:17
brocashelmshould be good now01:25
brocashelmthank you!01:40
fsmithrednow that it's done, I see a better way to do it. :(02:49
brocashelmDebian 12.0 "Bookworm" Planned For Release On 10 June
brocashelmDevuan Users Are at Risk, Take Action to Protect Your System
brocashelmanother place talking about the "issue"22:25
fsmithred_I rebuilt the package today using a better fix. New isos coming soonish. (Internet is very slow here)22:53
brocashelmok, cool, thanks for the good work22:54
brocashelmtake your time22:54
fsmithred_well, it got to where it says "Retrieving packages" and then nothing else happened.22:55
joergwhat's the plan about retroactively "fixing" the blank password root accounts already existing out there? It's a tad tricky since you can't assume *all* are by mistake, some may have set up like this on purpose (though of course that's quite unlikely)23:30

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