libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2023-04-17

jashi.  are devuan interested in reproducible builds?  i did a rebuild of chimaera:
LeePenjas: thanks.17:40
LeePenMost of the build failures appear to be because you have libelogind0 installed in the build. It shoule be libsystemd0.17:41
LeePenlibelogind0 is only runtime binary compatible.17:42
onefangI've been interested in reproducible builds for some time, but life is kicking me right now.18:36
onefang just hit my news feed.19:23
onefangThat's 46% of what we modify / add, and for Chimaera.  Is that yours jas?19:26
jasLeePen: I'm using the dyne/devuan:chimaera image for building, is the libelogind0 vs libsystemd0 some devuan-specific modification?  any recommended commands to run?21:39
jasonefang: yes, that's me :)21:39

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