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plasma41LeePen: Thanks for incorporating my reportbug patch so quickly. :-)00:39
plasma41LeePen: Will the ascii-security repo be archived as well as the base ascii repo?00:40
sdomionefang: o/ FYI: I fixed the nginx config, and everything seems to be working properly now. Sorry for the previous problems!01:04
fsmithredplasma41, jessie archive just uses one line. I assume ascii will be the same.01:25
brocashelmi'm wondering if the backports/updates/proposed repos will be archived with ascii in one repo or will be excluded01:42
fsmithredi don't know.01:43
onefangsdomi: I put you back on the DNS-RR now.01:57
onefangsdomi: Still the same problem, your IPv4 isn't responding properly to
onefangFor comparison, your IPv6 works fine -
onefangOddly no problem from and my desktop.02:25
sdomionefang: that's really weird tho, I have a single config for both02:29
onefangI don't talk nginx, though I'm considering switching to it eventually.02:32
sdomi> 404 Not Found. HEAD testing file
sdomithat's incorrect on your end02:32
sdomiI host the mirror under /packages/02:32
sdomiI can change that if it's needed, btw02:33
onefangPeople using wont know to do that for your particular mirror, and wont even know they are hitting your particular mirror this time.02:33
sdomiah, yeah, because dnsrr02:34
sdomiokay, added another rewrite that should fix that. Is rewriting /merged/ enough?02:35
onefangWe'll find out in about five minutes.02:36
sdomifingers crossed then :p02:36
sdomistill, the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 perplexes me, because on the protocol level, there's zero difference between them. Maybe the testing software is somehow faulty?02:37
sdomi(on the protocol level == above layer 3, of course; I don't mean the IP protocol, I mean HTTP)02:37
onefangDo you grok Lua and curl?02:38
onefanggrok = understand02:40
sdomioh! yes, I do02:40
onefangThe testing software is written in Lua, and uses curl to do the probing.  Link to the source code is at the bottom of the report page.02:40
onefang"Grok" was a word invented by Robert Heinlen in his novel Stranger in a strange land.02:41
onefangDown to two errors now, progress!02:42
sdomiI'll take a peek into the lua code when I have more time, a bit busy lately :(02:43
onefangAnd now all the testers agree.02:43
onefangIt's very late at night for you now?02:43
sdomiyeah, almost 3am. but my sleep schedules have gone out of sync with the local timezone, so it doesn't mean much :)02:43
onefangI don't even have a sleep schedule.  lol02:44
onefang  Wow it's the same age as me.  lol02:45
sdomithe last two errors should hopefully be fixed by now02:48
onefangAll good now.  Thanks.02:52
onefangNow we just wait until next week, then your weekly stats should be all good as well.  B-)02:54
sdomiglad we managed to work it out, and sorry for the troubles. thanks!02:54
onefangNo worries.02:54
Xenguyonefang: Should I be updating the mirrors web page then?04:35
onefangYes, add sdomi's ISO mirror please.04:36
XenguyAppreciate the confirmation04:36
onefang  for ISOs, for packages.04:38
golinuxThere's a list of package mirrors on the website now?06:37
hagbardgolinux: there it is:
onefangNot last time I checked.  The package mirror list is at
LeePenplasma41: Probably, I will work on that today.08:48
LeePenonefang: can you remove the separator from 'BaseURL:'08:50
LeePenIt produces a double separator in the derived URL.08:50
onefangDouble and triple separators is what the URL sanity test is for.  I've removed it.08:56
onefang"The URL sanity test replaces "/" in URLS with "///", to see if the mirror can cope with that.   This might happen due to a minor mis-configuration by the apt user, but decent web servers should cope with that.   The result for a mirror that does not cope is a failed download for that user, so this is an ERROR.   We care about this coz apt has had multiple bugs in the past where they might let URLs like that slip through."08:57
onefangI still don't know how you can configure a web server to fail that test.  lol08:58
onefangThink I should sleep now.09:04
LeePenplasma41: I have enabled ascii-security on As a bonus there is also jessie-security and ascii-proposed-updates.11:22
LeePenCould you check it is working as you expect before I send an announcement?11:22
onefangLeePen: So that would mean changing sources.list from " ascii" to " ascii" etc.?13:59
onefangI got some boxen where I can switch over ascii, ascii-updates, ascii-security, and ascii-backports.  Guess I should add ascii-proposed-updates.14:02
onefangInteresting, one of them has ascii-proposed.14:05
LeePenonefang: yes. Although there is no ascii-proposed on archive.d.o, only ascii, ascii-security and ascii-proposed-updates.14:10
onefangOK, I'll try that after I'm done cooking and eating.14:11
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, March 30, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
onefangLeePen: I get a 404 on  ascii-proposed-updates17:28
LeePenIt is there:
onefangAh that was the only one that was /devuan instead of /merged.17:33
onefangLet's see if updating 203 packages works.  It was 719 before I switched from deb. to archive., but I had to remove ascii-backports, ascii-backports, and ascii-updates.17:36
onefangAnything else you want me to check before I pull that trigger?17:37
LeePenNot that I can think of.17:45
onefangOK upgrading now.  It includes a new kernel, so I'll reboot when it's done.17:49
LeePenIf apt has found the inidices and packages, then sounds likely the move to archive.d.o is OK.17:50
LeePenI'll finalise the announcement.17:50
onefangI'll repeat brocashelm's question, will backports be included later?17:56
LeePenNo. there is no support in Debian.18:00
fsmithredI think the real question is whether the versions in backports will be saved with the versions in the main repo, or will the last security updates get lost?18:05
fsmithredsecurity, not backports18:05
onefangWell there's some reason why it reported 719 updates before my switch, and 203 after.18:05
onefangIt booted OK.18:05
LeePenonefang: I suspect that is because you had to remove ascii-backports.18:06
fsmithredthat seems like a lot. Oh, I can try that.18:06
LeePenThere is no way to support a suite without Debian providing it in
LeePenSo ascii-backports  on can't work.18:07
LeePenascii-security is working because debian has archived stretch-security.18:07
fsmithredso we can have both lines? Or are they merged into main?18:08
fsmithredmain = ascii18:08
LeePenThe working suites are merged as usual and need there own line in sources list18:09
LeePendeb ascii main18:09
LeePendeb ascii-security18:09
LeePenBut you really need to upgrade. The ordinary URLs still work and will do for about a month.18:10
onefangThere's over 20 operating system on this old test desktop of mine, and I had forgotten it has jessie to.  Nothing had been updated since ASCII was stable.18:11
LeePenNow is the time ;)18:11
onefangfirefox-ESR got an update, it worked.  VLC did to, but it's not actually showing the GUI after minutes.18:12
onefangNow is NOT the time, I have to move before 6 May, coz the house gets demolished after that.  So busy busy busy...18:12
onefangBut at least I got an inspection 4 April.  They got two rooms available, so I might get lucky in this current rental crisis.18:13
LeePenFingers crossed for you.18:14
onefangAlas they have the type of windows that wont work with my portable air conditioner.18:14
onefangAh VLC did work, it just started minimised.  lol18:16
onefangAh now I remember why Jessie is on there.  It's actually Debian Jessie, and it's for an embedded system I am sometimes paid to work on.  The government needed it to have a reproducible build, so I have the bare minimum Debian Jessie needed to do that.18:27
onefangOne less thing I have to worry about updating.  B-)18:28
onefangYour announcement probably should mention the things like backports that will NOT be available.18:33
LeePenHmmmm, the message is really 'Upgrade now!'18:36
onefangWell that client said he might have some more work for me with his embedded system in a few months, so I might even move his build environment off Jessie.18:39
sachywill also daedalus repos be affected?19:03
onefangJust ASCII, coz it's time to archive it.19:04
onefangWhich in turn is coz daedalus will be the new stable soonish.19:04
sachygood, thanks (Im running daedalus on production already)19:04
sachyfor a year+19:04
plasma41LeePen: ' ascii-proposed-updates' works, but ' ascii-proposed-updates' does not.20:03
LeePenNo, it won't20:12
LeePenIf you just want the unmerged suites they are still on only attempts to deal with /merged20:22
plasma41LeePen: Ah, I see. Thanks20:26
LeePenBecause the redirection for unforked debian packages has to change when Debian archives its suite.20:26
plasma41Right, got it.20:26
LeePenThanks for checking.20:26
plasma41LeePen: Ok, I can confirm that ' ascii-proposed' still works. I have a lot of commented out lines for old releases in my sources.list.20:29

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