libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2023-03-01

rrqgnu_srs1: sounds awful, yes, but my concept landscape is quite foggy in the direction of that distant label "GNU/Hurd" ... is there a good place for me to start learning?00:55
bgstack15Thanks for setting up our mirror of the non-free-firmware repo. I got bit by using Nvidia drivers and not having this non-free-firmware repo set up ahead of time.04:05
rrq_xhmm newtonia power-cycled05:39
rrq_xthere's ganeti oddness now05:39
rrq_xmmm someone has messed up gnt-start ...05:47
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, March 2, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:

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