libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2023-02-19

LeePenI finally got to the bottom of #661. I now dislike golang even more than snakes!13:26
JackFrostMaybe, but it's so easy to package and unfortunately there's some pretty useful tools written in it.  gocryptfs and rclone come to mind, though I packaged glab locally to avoid the terrible gitlab UI. :P18:55
LeePenJackFrost: yes, I am sure you are right. I dislike the deliberate obfuscation which means even finding which binaries contain outdated go runtime is difficult. Or maybe you have a trick to do that.19:42
LeePenAnd then there is the security issue of static runtime, and size and.....19:42
bb|hcbSame applies to rust :(20:31
rwpLeePen, That's an insult to snakes!22:04

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