libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2022-11-23

LeePenhagbard: Thanks. Looks good. Repo added to /devuan and you have access. You should be able to trigger builds as at
hagbardjust built a package. What's the policy for packages from unstable to seep into testing?19:20
LeePenhagbard: if there are no blockers (dependencies, RC bugs etc.) it happens automatically controlled by britney.19:21
LeePenYou can see the logs at
hagbardah, thx19:22
hagbardoof, there seems to be some version number goof with the forked fluidsynth package. Debian version was 2.3.0-1, I made 2.3.0-1devuan1 out of it. But in the debian repos it's uploaded as 2.3.0-1+b1 in testing. And now apt sees the version from testing as higher than the version from unstable, ie. 2.3.0-1+b1 > 2.3.0-1devuan120:13
bb|hcbhagbard: The excuses do not show the binNMU (+b1), most probably it will be fine20:35
bb|hcbFWIW +b1 is only on the binary packages, the source package is 2.3.0-120:36
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow at 20:30 UTC! Pad is here:

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