libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2022-09-20

gnu_srs1Still, I'll start working for a devuan-hurd distro. LeePen: WDYT?01:31
brocashelmis there a chance that usrmerge and usr-is-merged will be blacklisted by devuan? as long as those packages aren't installed the merge won't work?02:16
* brocashelm doesn't understand how merging /usr has anything to do with an init helper package02:17
fsmithredmaybe something to do with whether /usr is part of the root (booting) partition or not02:21
LeePenbrocashelm: it isn't really abot the usrmerge package it is whethe, in the future, packages built on usrmerged systems will still work on non-usrmerged systems. If incompatible paths become hardcoded, it will be a problem.09:25
joergthe bloatD wants access to *ALL* available cmdline executables right at early boot, aiui. And usr/ is explicitly meant to allow late mounting13:03
joergprobably closely related or same problem
joerg>>To boot a system, enough must be present on the root partition to mount other filesystems. This includes utilities, configuration, boot loader information, and other essential start-up data. /usr, /opt, and /var are designed such that they may be located on other partitions or filesystems << bullet113:15
joergbtw the maemo auto-optify stuff might be usefull as a template/skeleton for a usrmerge replacement?13:26
joergit automatically creates symlinks13:26
joergmaybe inspiring:
joergalso   seems like a similar problem to usr/ merge15:39
joergbtw there's a copy of most of those in /maemo5/usr/sbin on logbot aka de16:15
joerg Rationale: >>16:46
joergThe primary concern used to balance these considerations, which favor placing many things on the root filesystem, is the goal of keeping root as small as reasonably possible. For several reasons, it is desirable to keep the root filesystem small:16:46
joerg    It is occasionally mounted from very small media.16:46
joergoops sorry. Failed to edit for merging lines. Anyway the question is if this is still the policy and rationale for devuan. For systemd it been rejected as "obsolete" by LP16:51

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