libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2022-09-17

LeePenI have fixed the bad merge of unstable and the correct libmount-dev is now on pkgmaster.08:17
LeePenI still need to understand properly what caused it.08:17
LeePenThe problem was multiple transient pkgmaster 404 errors around 2022-09-15 19:04:45.08:49
LeePenAnything built since then might need a rebuild.08:49
LeePenFortunately, there is nothing...08:50
LeePenI have a fix in testing to prevent this in future.08:51
bb|hcbLeePen: Thanks!16:19
bb|hcbNow let me see if gpsd will build properly or bark about missing -lsystemd16:20
LeePenLooking better16:41
bb|hcbBTW. In my sbuild env it builds on chimaera and breaks on unstable...16:54
bb|hcbMost probably the libsystemd dev package is not there16:54
LeePenWe have libsystemd-dev16:58
LeePenOtherwise many things would not be buildable.16:59
LeePenI don't use sbuild. Prefer pbuilder17:00
bb|hcbYesterday that was not installable. Let me check if that changed17:00
LeePenWith the mismerge, lots of ceres would have been broken.17:01
bb|hcbMaybe my ceres is also broken somehow: libelogind-compat : Conflicts: libsystemd0 (so libsystemd-dev is not installable)17:03
LeePenYou can't install libsystemd-dev/libsystemd0 on on a systemd with libelogind-compat, but a build chroot can use17:05
LeePenthe dummy-logind (non-functional) package to get round the dependencies.17:06
LeePenDon't do that on a system where you actually require logind functionality.17:06
LeePenSo on a production ceres/daedalus system you will need a build chroot.17:07
bb|hcbTIL :)17:07
bb|hcbGood, all build failures were caused by the mismerge :)17:17
LeePenExcellent news. I am testing fixes to prevent it in future.17:18
bb|hcbAs long as the process uses ssh and the VMs have external IPs that is not fixable - when under heavy scan, sshd rejects connections and becomes unusable/unreliable. Even if there are some checks that catch failed ssh/rsync, it will get the process delayed17:22
bb|hcbIMHO, it would be better to allow the involved hosts to share some folder, e.g. via NFS over the internal network...17:22
LeePenamprolla doesn't fetch using ssh, it uses http like apt.17:26
bb|hcbyes, but pushes via rsync over ssh, IIRC17:26
LeePenYes. I have never seen issues with that step.17:28
LeePenIt is the dak -> pkgmaster (unmerged) rsync that very occassionally moans.17:29
bb|hcbThe http(s) one?!17:36
bb|hcbOh, thats rsync over ssh too... And pkgmaster is quite exposed to ssh scan :(17:37

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