libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2022-09-08

* rrq I see 7 downloads of the trial installer ISOs, and 0 reports about success or issues.00:11
fsmithrednot me. I've been too busy to do any installs.00:11
joergsorry, I have no (hw) platform to try an install00:13
rrqmmm I'd think VM studies are good too.00:17
fsmithredyeah, that's what I usually do00:17
rrqftr, I have verified that they all kind of works, but would like them all verified (since not vereyone does things the way I do them)00:18
rrqverified independently, and ideally broader and larger than just a plain install + reboot00:21
rrqperhaps even that someone rasises their hand for contributing the day or so it will take to get the ISO collection for a distribution (amd64+i386) updated and published00:26
rrq(the "day or so" is effort; most people probably need to spread it out on the calendar)00:38
bb|hcbrrq: Maybe the torrents need to be updated too after getting all ISOs out?00:41
rrqyes, they certainly will.00:41
bb|hcbit will be a good idea to change the folder name for the torrent, so that both old and new can coexist00:41
rrqthe old ISOs go away00:42
bb|hcbThen OK :)00:42
rrq.. unless we would like the ensuing confusion of having the old ones around00:43
rrqwould give people things to talk about00:44
rrq(as if that would be needed :))00:44
rrqhmm I have "Kernel panic" problems with the installer isos. Maybe I published prematurely06:18
rrqseems the chimaera iso ar ok whereas ascii and beowulf isos offer kernel panic06:25
* rrq updated my trial ISO collection; though beowulf-server still broken it seems. please test the others and report.14:02
fsmithredI just made a beowulf live iso and got kernel panic on boot.14:39
fsmithrediso got the same kernel that I'm running on my beowulf system, and log shows that update-initramfs was successful right before it squashed the filesystem.15:09
fsmithredI mounted the iso and looked around. All looks correct.15:10
rrqdoes the initrd have a /lib64 directory? with a link to the loader15:11
rrq"the loader" = the libc ELF loader15:13
sachyHi everyone, the GPG key for dpkg is already updated in the Chimaera installation media or not yet?15:20
Jorilsachy: not yet15:46
Jorilsachy: but you can build your own with
fsmithredchimaera live isos are updated and work.15:49
sachyok, so I will make my own netinstall (going to be rightaway upgraded to Daedalus anyway)15:54
bgstack15Ooh, so on that topic, has anyone experimented with a netinstall iso for Ceres, or knows if it's possible?16:02
bgstack15I like netinstall discs, and regret that it doesn't let me use Ceres (unstable).16:02
fsmithredrrq, the initrd.img in the /live dir is only 90 bytes. So no, it probably doesn't have that (or anything else)16:03
fsmithredbgstack15, use the mini.iso and expert install. You'll get to choose the suite.16:04
bgstack15Thanks, will try that next time I do an install.16:06
fsmithredit's also possible to do a debootstrap install from any of the live isos.16:08
fsmithredok, if I copy the initrd.img from the bootstrap directory (what goes into filesystem.squashfs) to the binary directory (what goes into the iso) and rebuild the iso manually, it boots.16:24
fsmithredthat copy should be happening in libdevuansdk/zlibs and I'm using a build tree that has not changed since I last made beowulf isos.16:25
fsmithredsame procedure did not work with i386. It hangs at scripts/live-premount and then drops to initramfs prompt.18:12
* rrq points at

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