libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2022-08-31

bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, September 1, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
brocashelmdoes devuan intend on using xfce as the default for live isos down the road? what are your thoughts on lxqt?22:36
fsmithredbrocashelm, I've thought about switching to lxde. I'm less enthusiastic about a switch to qt just because it's such a big switch.22:40
fsmithredBut I also realize that gtk might become too difficult to deal with.22:40
brocashelmcool, thanks. problem with lxde is it's not maintained anymore, right? their devs teamed up with razor-qt to develop lxqt, and it's currently the lightest of the "main" DEs22:45
brocashelmi can see how the gtk-to-qt transition might take some time to get adjusted to22:47
fsmithredI'm pretty sure lxde is still maintained.22:48
brocashelmjust a matured product, though?22:48
fsmithreduh, yeah, I guess. I just looked at their sourceforge site. Some new stuff in 2021, some core stuff hasn't changed in a few years.22:52
brocashelmat least they both use pcmanfm and openbox by default22:54
brocashelmso switching between them is less complex22:54
fsmithredbut a lot of apps would change22:57
fsmithredI made a "kde-light" for a friend that was nice. MiyoQT (lxqt) plus her favorite kde apps.22:58
fsmithredfor a low-end laptop. Works well.22:58
brocashelmtrinity is also pretty interesting. i know exe uses that23:01
fsmithredYeah, I've played with that a little.23:11

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