libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2022-07-16

rwpI'm just noting that several users in #devuan have had problems with the package mirror system today.00:36
rwpAnd have decided that moving from to is the corrective action.00:36
rwpProbably not something that is desirable to encourage.00:36
XenguyBut if they all come there, then *I* won't be able to use it!01:27
XenguyI wonder what's wrong with the 'deb.'s ?01:28
* Xenguy wonders if this is onefang 's 'mirror' bailiwick ?01:33
XenguyOr another realm?01:34
fsmithredIt works fine here. Maybe they are getting directed to a mirror that's down.01:36
golinuxOr they're using https01:37
golinuxRR requires hrrp01:38
bgstack15I run debmirror against daily, and I routinely get weird errors with it.01:43
bb|hcbplease report whcih member in creates problems, so we can remove it. also it may help if you try using where CC is you country code02:41
golinuxI thought that CC didn't work in Devuan? Unless that is a recently added feature . . .02:54
golinuxAnyone is free to choose a mirror from the list though . . . .02:54
onefangWe have been bringing back CC recently, just haven't announced it yet.  I need to pull my finger out and add checks for them to apt-panopticon.03:02
onefangBut I'm in weekend mode now, and anniversary mode this weekend, so no work from me until Tuesday.03:02
rrqis it or ?03:16
golinuxThe second, I think03:21
brocashelmbb|hcb, onefang: just got one: 80 (
Xenguyonefang, I like your 'weekend mode'03:45
XenguyHappy Birthday too03:45
XenguyBeware the ides of July03:46
onefangDuring my Monday it's still the weekend somewhere in the world.  I love living in the future.  B-)03:47
XenguyThat's all we got, and memories03:47
Xenguygolinux will correct me before long03:48
golinuxNo. We only have the present moment. If we aren't there, we're living in a dream.03:50
golinuxA mental fabrication.03:51
XenguyConceptual filter?03:51
XenguyFabrications and Filters I suppose03:52
XenguyThe dream-like experience is relateable03:52
XenguyThese are experienced yogis suggesting this stuff to us03:52
XenguyThey could be crazy, but it's not too likely03:53
golinuxThere is only seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, physical feeling and thinking.  It's the last one that gets us into the most trouble . . .03:53
golinuxThey are mired in delusion.03:53
XenguyThis is sensory input, plus ...?03:53
XenguyWhat is thinking?03:54
golinuxbrain input03:54
XenguyThinking is thinking03:54
golinuxobjects coming to the mind door.03:54
golinuxKnock, knock03:54
XenguyFilters I keep... thinking03:54
XenguySorry, we're in *-dev03:55
XenguyWrong channel probably03:55
golinuxKnowing you are watching that mental movie is the first step towards loosening its grip.03:55
golinuxYeah. I need a stretch away . . .03:56
XenguyIt's trippy stuff03:56
golinuxNo it's reality.03:56
XenguyStretch away03:56
XenguyReality is mediated, inevitably03:56
golinux(Xenguy is lost in confusion)03:57
XenguyBalls of Confusion03:57
brocashelmif i use a u.s. mirror and, will apt prefer the u.s. mirror first? or, will the round-robin be attempted first and if it fails, fall back to the u.s. mirror?04:00
XenguyIt's confusion yo04:03

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