libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2022-06-02

bgstack15I cannot seem to get to
bgstack15Is anybody else experiencing that?15:57
golinuxYes. This site can�t be reached is unreachable.16:41
bgstack15Should I find another public cryptpad setup we could use, or how else should I proceed?16:44
bgstack15I need to get the pad out for today's meeting.16:45
golinuxI just went to dyne irc and neither alv nor jaromil are there.  I know that jaromil is on telegram.  Maybe ping him there? Or set up a pad on jitsi . . .16:45
golinuxSorry for my early morning confusion.16:45
golinuxYeah, cryptpad noit jitsi.16:45
golinuxCryptpad has a public service set up.16:46
golinuxDyne mail server was also a little flaky this morning.16:48
bgstack15Ah, so I bothered to investigate the old, and it now redirects to, which appears to be some institution of higher learning in Italy (whose meeting tech is operated by Dyne, of course)17:01
bgstack15You guys want to try that jitsi instance over on which should still be the same as
fsmithredbgstack15, we've been using the jitsi at You can use the old link(s).17:04
bgstack15Devuan Meet at 20:30 UTC today! Pad is here:
bb|hcbI did ping jaromil over tg...17:35
bb|hcbhe said: friday bad blocks then kept growing; we are migrating the server so there is a temporary down. pad was the most affected; but we do have backups17:56
golinuxbb|hcb: The pad is the problem . . . not jitsi.18:00
golinuxAh . . . .great that you got a response.18:00
golinuxI may not be able to make it today.  Depends on traffic . . .18:01
bb|hcbfrom what i see above bgstack15 created a pad elsewhere, so all should be fine18:02
fsmithredI see a blank page on that pad. Is that just on my end?18:08
fsmithredblank pad, not blank page18:09
fsmithreddo we have a template?18:09
bb|hcbI an open it18:12
golinuxI can see it also18:32
golinuxand posted a note iirc18:32
fsmithredok, I just posted a note. Tell me if you can see it.19:20
golinuxfsmithred: I can only see my own note22:27

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