libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2022-04-10

fsmithredThere is no 'netcat' package in daedalus. Which of the following netcats should go in the minimal-live iso? (short spam alert)03:50
fsmithrednope. That ain't happening.03:51
fsmithredncat, netcat-openbsd, netcat-tradtional and netrw are the choices03:52
rrqonly netcat-openbsd and (or?) netcat-tradtional provice nc04:54
rrqI prefer netcat-openbsd due to it's handling of EOF04:54
rrqI think :)04:54
rrqI thought "netcat" was virtual .. it's a "dummy" package providing netcat-openbsd via dependency04:57
rrqwell netcat-tradtional on beowulf :)04:57

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