libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2022-04-06

onefangbb|hcb: old Queenslander house converted to 7 units. we have shared WiFi supplied by the landlady.  So currently I'm using whatever the WiFi router is using.  I no longer have the admin password for it, since they switched up to FTTC, so I can't probe deeper.  I'm currently building my Chimaera installing script, I'll switch back to my own DNS.02:02
onefangThough the point was that there was buggy behavior, and I have now put in a work around, since it's not MY buggy behavior.02:03
bb|hcbSounds like it is the WiFi router's DNS and that it is broken... Should be easy to avoid it03:05
XenguyDebian still having trouble with merged /usr :
golinuxWe are still un-merged, right?18:09
fsmithredthey're expecting to complete the transition with debian 13 (trixie) after bookworm.18:12
bb|hcbIMO usr-merged is loss of valuable resources and introducing self created problems for no gain23:25
bb|hcbBTW. one of my laptops was installed with bullseye and immediately converted to chimaera, so I have a usr-merged Devuan chimaera and that didn't byte me yet ;) but still I see no point behind this change - it is useless work, generating extra heat and contributing to the global warming :P23:29
bb|hcbThe impact for Devuan is that there is no choice but to follow Debian with that change, the alternative would mean forking and/or rebuilding everything23:35
sachyThe $PATH does not care if /bin | /sbin | /lib is symlink or not23:45

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