libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2022-03-22

plasma41bgstack15: bash(1) and rsync(1) may be long, but neither hold a candle to smb.conf(5) in terms of utter abuse of the manpage format.01:45
plasma41And that's what you have to wade through just to know what can/should go into a @#$%ing *CONFIG FILE*!01:47
plasma41When typeset on US Letter size paper (yes, I typeset my manpages; troff is a typesetting syntax after all), smb.conf(5) clocks in at an obscene 150 pages.01:50
plasma41to describe *A CONFIG FILE*! O_o01:51
bgstack15That is one cool piece of software!02:07
bgstack15Also, the samba guys write rsync.02:07

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