libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2022-03-17

bb|hcbtarzeau: The proper way in the thttpd case is to get it back in Debian instead. But is it worth it - the removal bug says it was orphaned and dead upstream for years? ( In case upstream came back and you are willing to maintain it, getting thttpd back in Debian will automatically get it in Devuan as well00:03
tarzeaubb|hcb: i agree. no it's not orophaned or dead upstream. i'm all awayre of the removal bug etc. i named the reasons why i want it, why i use it03:44
bb|hcbIf upstream is not dead and you are willing to maintain it, lets get it in Debian03:46
golinuxTime for the meet foks20:34
rrqaren't we doin' 20:30 utc anymore?21:02
golinuxAlways at 20:3021:06
fsmithredwe didn't accomplish anything in the pre-meeting.21:17
rrqaha; so it reaffirmed an undeviated direction of the progress21:19
golinuxI'm confused . . .21:22
golinuxI don;t ever remember a "summertime" meet at any other time than when we had our unofficial meet today..21:24
fsmithredin daylight savings time the clock lies and says it's an hour later than it really is21:24

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