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dokmaMy initrams refuses to assemble my raid1 during boot. I had to add a script to init-premount with mdadm --assemble --scan to fix it. On top of that I have no ability to enter any input into the initramfs busybox shell as it won't accept any keyboard input no matter what. How do I even begin debugging this?13:49
dokmaThe keyboard input happens via KVM and the data center tech told me that there is no keyboard input even when he plugs a usb keyboard in so I suspect some driver issues here.13:50
dokmaIs there any way to trace initramfs?13:51
dokmaWhat in initramfs was supposed to figure out my root fs was on a raid array and assemble it?13:53
rrqI still think you should comment out line 53 in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-block/mdadm and then rebuild initramfs14:21
dokmarrq: mdadm -q --run /dev/md?*   ???14:25
dokmaWhy do you think this prevents the very next line from assembling the array?14:25
rrqthat's the line, yes14:25
rrqbecause it fails, and the script is run with -e14:26
dokmahmmm... makes sense14:26
dokmawill comment it out but I don't have the time to remove my fix and try it14:27
dokmarrq: what about line 42?14:27
rrqnot sure.. the "|| true" bit stops the script from failing14:28
dokmasouldn't have that assembled the array also?14:29
dokmaif so, it would mean that it failed before that14:30
dokmaif I add 'set -x' at the beginning of this script will I get any output during boot?14:30
rrqnot sure where stderr will go; maybe it needs the debug parameter, and was it netconsole you needed too?14:36
rrqline 42 has --no-degraded which apparently is the opposite of --run (of line 56) .. I'm not an md expert though :)14:38
dokmahave to dig into it14:43
dokmathanks for your time14:43

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