libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2022-02-01

libhFirefox-esr 91 has been in debian for a while, any plans to bring that to stable devuan?22:00
onefangFirefox 91.5.0esr has been in Beowulf for a while to.  I'm running it now.22:02
libhThe package browser says that chinaera is still in 78 though.22:03
fsmithredlibh, 91.5 is in chimaera-security22:25
libhThank you. The package browser didn't even list chimaera-security at all.22:26
fsmithredlooks like chimaera-security doesn't show up on pkginfo22:26
fsmithredrrq, ^^^22:26
rrqright. it should. it might. it does :)22:33

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