libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2022-01-31

rrqonefang: perhaps mirror_status.html should just refer to the apt-panoptocons .. (currently it checks for the presence of some jessie debs)00:17
onefangI'll look at it tomorrow.  I'm still in weekend mode today, coz it's still the weekend somewhere in the world.  The joys of being semi-retired.  B-)00:18
rrqnw .. I try to include all holidays I know of :)00:19
onefangI wonder if I compile a list of the holidays everywhere in the world, could I end up taking the entire year off?00:20
onefangrrq: is now a static page that points to the apt-panopticon instances. will catch up when the mirrors sync next.19:29
onefangLikely before you wake up.19:30
cosurg1I am upgrading to chimaera using:  deb chimaera  main non-free contrib21:43
cosurg1but it's very slow.21:43
cosurg1Is thare some faster server available? I don't want to wait 2 hours21:43
onefang might help  might also help. is a DNS RR, you might have just been unlucky with which ever mirror you actually got.21:44
onefangAlso, ignore the excessive speed sledjhamr is reporting for itself.  lol21:45
onefang will give a better idea of sledjhamr's speed.21:45
onefang might be more useful for speeds if you are near Australia, the other two test from Europe.21:46
cosurgiwow. Thank you. I am checking this out!21:48
cosurgiI am using   now.22:06

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