libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2022-01-07

bb|hcbgolinux: about what we discussed - gitea uses monaco editor for the code and it has the option to word wrap long lines; the bad news is that i see no easy access to that, but there is a hack (run from browser's console): codeEditors[0].updateOptions({ wordWrap: "on" })00:11
golinuxWow!  You're fast!00:28
golinuxThat was like a needle in a haystack . . .00:29
bb|hcbyw :) btw. gitea has an option to enable line wrap per file extension, now that is the default for .html/.css00:32
golinuxIt's working!!!00:35
golinuxtito will also appreciate this "improvement".00:36
bb|hcbFrom my POV besides the CVEs the improvement is in displaying .svg files ;)00:39
golinuxYueah . . .svgs can have some long lines00:45
bb|hcbno, no, now they show as an image00:57
golinuxCan't you click on "source"01:02
golinuxOr whatever to see the file?01:02
bb|hcbNo idea, maybe...01:04
rrqclick the pen to edit01:08

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