libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2021-12-22

Guest46How can I add our mirror to your mirror list.
hagbardoooof, I just managed to make AMD RocM work in devuan-testing. It works now. But it wasn't a pleasent experience at all. Lots of broken, missing, or contradictory dependencies. So equivs-packages and lots of symlinks had to do it.13:55
hagbardooops, that was meant for offtopic13:56
golinuxI have lost my developer cloak20:58
golinuxoops wrong channel20:58
joerg[22 Dec 2021 20:53:02] *** ChanServ gives golinux permission to talk.22:52
joerg[22 Dec 2021 20:58:13] <golinux> I have lost my developer cloak22:52
joergI don't think so, otherwise you had no permission to talk22:52
golinuxThat was a mis-post.  I still have two going at once on most channels22:55
joergyes, but the right one has right properties, the tailed one is a "fossil" artifact22:57
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Thursday, December 23, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
bgstack15Be advised the update to the cryptpad might not work perfectly on some web browsers.22:58
rrq"This link was copied from the browser's address bar and does not provide access to the document. Please use the  Share menu to share directly with contacts or copy the link. Read more about the Safe Links feature."22:59
rrqI' call that "far from perfectly"22:59
bgstack15I'm ______ this close to swearing.22:59
bgstack15Corrected link to pad:
rrqmmm except that that is a "view" link, not an "edit"23:02
bgstack15Hm, I'm pretty sure I had the edit link. Let me try again.23:02
bgstack15Re-corrected link to pad:
bgstack15As the secretary to this institution, I would like to lodge an official protest.23:03
golinuxUpdates/upgrades often have this effect on me23:03
bgstack15More and more so, the case for me too!23:04
rrqthis one was good; quite close to the edge beyond useful23:05
golinuxYou will never catch your tail . . .23:05
golinuxWhich is why I am so tired of behaving for the machine.  It is not a life. I is servitude to prevent us from living23:06
golinuxIt's stuck on "Build interface" here23:08
golinuxLooks like I'll be locked out of the pad too.l23:13
golinuxWell, it worked on vivaldi but looks like poo23:18
golinuxAll my styling is lost . . .23:18
onefangThe response to my "doesn't work on Firefox-ESR from Beowulf" email was "works for us".  Still doesn't work here under anything but chromium.  I don't have vivaldi installed.23:32
golinuxCryptpad was nice while it lasted but I agree time to dump it. It is now a cluster****23:35
rrqthat "etherpad" was easy to set up, but the plugins I've tried seems to rely on some later npm than chimaera offers23:38
rrqit also has a well documented rest api for special exploits, such as enlisting and deleting pads23:40
golinuxI have access to a pad on  Want to have a look?  Let me check it out23:41
golinuxThey are a very cool collective23:41
rrqyes.. though I'm quite happy to stay out of the choice process myself23:42
golinuxBummer.  It is also am etherpad . . .23:44
golinuxLet me log in so you can have a look23:45
golinuxAnd it won't load here23:47
onefangToday is already gonna be my day from hell.  7 AM smoke detector test done, next up getting the next tooth pulled, then trying to avoid the 36 C heat by camping out in a library for the rest of the day.  Doubt I'll get anything useful done.  Though maybe I'll learn my 101th programming language at the library, if they have anything like that on their shelves.  That'll fill an hour.  lol23:48
rrqyou've done Aristotle's Metaphysics already I presume23:49
onefangDidn't know that was a programming language.23:49
rrqwell, you might go for Categoris and Posterior Analytics for fundamentals in chaining statements23:51
onefangIt'll boil down to "what do they have on the shelves that looks interesting" and "Will it rain / storm enough to cool down and go home early".23:53
rrqgolinux: my etherpad example is still at
rrq(I think)23:54
rrqwith surf, you'll need "-a Aa@" to tell it to accept cookies23:55
onefang is still running, the one golinux visited before.23:55
rrqbut cut&paste deosn;t include the line numbers, and the newlines are just plain \01023:57
golinuxI am still on there.  Had to "reconnect" though23:58
golinuxI am on

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