libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2021-12-07

rrqperhaps someone could verify that the newest devuan_daedalus_5.0.preview-20211206_*.iso boot into the installer on virtualbox with EFI; and then also ideally installs and boots nicely00:46
fsmithredrrq, did you see the thread about encrypted lvm install?01:19
fsmithredcryptsetup and cryptsetup-initramfs missing01:19
rrqmissing from where?01:19
fsmithredfrom the iso01:19
rrqthey are in the pool01:21
fsmithredthey didn't get installed01:21
fsmithredok, sorry. Not present in the installed system.01:23
fsmithredI used the server iso without mirror, rolfie used netinstall iso.01:23
fsmithredis there a package list for the installer isos?01:23
rrqright.. some dependency missing? .. as you know the installer doesn't install; it's the postinst of packages01:23
fsmithredyeah, maybe01:24
rrqyou can mount the iso (as a cdrom) and use "find"01:24
fsmithredyeah, that's what I usually do.01:26
fsmithred ftp-ssl or tnftp? What would everyone prefer?02:21
fsmithredfor the live isos02:22
fsmithredwhich one gets installed with a netinstall in daedalus?02:22
rrqneither I think02:58
rrqthere's an sftp that comes with the openssh-client package02:59
fsmithredbut that only works with ssh, doesn't it?03:06
fsmithredaren't there still some plain ftp sites?03:06
rrqyes, though I don't use it... I remember using ncftp some whiel ago03:14
rrqserver iso has tnftp, lftp and inetutils-ftp in the pool03:17
rrqdesktop also has vsftpd03:20
rrqmmm that's a daemon probably03:20
onefangThere's a bunch of Devuan package servers that support FTP.03:21
onefangYes vsftpd is an FTP server daemon.  It's the one I use.03:22
fsmithredI just want a client03:22
fsmithredI already selected ftp-ssl just so my build will complete.03:23
fsmithredThat, and it's smaller than tnftp.03:23
onefanglftp is venerable for what that's worth.03:23
fsmithredthat = man pages are smaller, too03:23
Xenguy+1 lftp03:33
Unit193lftp has a handy feature that allows one to do an 'rsync' style upload, send everything from ./dir/ and delete anything you no longer have locally.  This is useful if you have a mini-dinstall repo and have to upload it over (s)ftp.03:37
fsmithredok, I made a note about it.03:45
Unit193lftp -e "mirror -c -v -e -R local-dir/ public_html/debian;exit" sftp://host03:55

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