libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2021-11-30

job Debian upstream finally makes iwd autostart in sysvinit, yay16:28
jobjust tested their 1.20-2, and it works perfectly fine (though I had to upgrade my libell0)16:29
LeePenjob: Great!16:32
LeePenI have just removed the iwd fork from ceres.16:32
jobcool, thanks LeePen16:33
LeePenjob: might be worth bugging orphan-init-scripts so Matthew can remove the script there.16:37
jobI already bugged package-mirrors in #639, but will switch package to there16:38
LeePenjob: Sorry I meant orphan-init-scripts at debian BTS.16:39
joboh ok16:40
LeePenI have just closed Devuan #63916:42
bgstack15Thank you guys, for all that work! I don't even use iwd, but you're making the world a better place by working with upstream to make the sysvinit script available up there.19:18

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