libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2021-11-12

Unit193You can create your own personal repo using reprepro, aptly, mini-dinstall, some new one, etc.  See also (Note: I use mini-dinstall, it's handy.  A friend uses aptly.)02:07
Unit193Meanwhile, uses reprepro. :P02:07
rwpI use debmirror.  There is more than one way to do it.02:12
Unit193..Based on the page, I thought that was only for mirroring a repo.02:20
rwpOops.  Sorry.  Yes.  I use it for mirroring.02:50
systemdleteThe first time I ran repropro, it did run for a short bit (started detection of available softtware, etc) then quit (I forget why).  Chimaera locked up on me, so I rebooted.  When I tried to run repropro this time, it complained about missing conf/distributions file.  I never created any files before running repropro the first time.03:38
darkeyehow can I update to lxqt 1.0.005:29
darkeyeis it possible right now or should I wait05:29
darkeyeif I upgrade to ceres can I revert to chimaera again?09:07
Jorildarkeye: maybe this could help
plasma41darkeye: AFAICT, LXQt 1.0 isn't packaged in Debian yet.09:50
darkeyeplasma41 oh really09:52
darkeyeit's too bad09:52
darkeyeso I have to wait09:52
darkeyethanks buddy09:53

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