libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2021-11-11

systemdleteI'm trying to set up a local repo for my own personal use.  I tried using dpkg-buildpackage and even debuild, but I am not getting the Release, inRelease, and gpg files.  Also, upon a client using the repo to do apt update, there are errors related to translation files (IGN: messages).  Is there a tool that can do all this, or is this always a manual step?  Thanks.19:39
systemdlete(I did look at the dpkg pages for devuan, but I don't recall seeing anything about this)19:40
systemdleteAll of the packages build, and those packages can be installed, and the resulting binaries do run.19:42
onefangapt-mirror?  Not sure, are you trying to BUILD everything, or just have your own package repo mirror?19:42
systemdleteOh, sorry.  No, this is for some packages I am building here.  Nothing to do with the official repos at all.19:42
onefangOK, ignore apt-mirror then.19:43
systemdleteYeah, this is just for me to use, no one else.  I am not planning on publishing it.19:43
systemdleteAlso, those IGN errors don't really affect anything.  Mostly they are just annoying.19:44
systemdleteAnd, yes, I am fully aware such packages won't be supported by devuan.19:45
amessersystemdlete: im using reprepro for local repos20:52
systemdleteamesser:  The description sounds a lot like apt-mirror -- I'm not looking to create my own local copy of official repos.  These are packages that are only built locally for consumption locally.20:55
systemdleteWould that work for me?20:55
amesserI use it to distribute locally built (and modified) packages. So yes it will work21:11
amesserbasically you simply define a dist via the config file and the you can just run "reprepro -m my-dist {includedeb xxx.deb|includedsc xxx.dsc|include xxx.changes}" to add whatever you want to the dist21:14
amesserarg not -m its  -b21:15
amesserin the end you will have to run "reprepro export my-dist" to have Release & co files generated & signed21:16
amesseri'm afraid, the syntax above is a bit wrong, correct is "reprepro -b <path-to-repo> includedeb my-dist *.deb"21:17
systemdleteamesser:  Thanks, that may be just what I am looking for.21:48

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