libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2021-10-07

bb|hcbLeePen: Just upgraded a ceres box and lsb_release -c produces chimaera - is you plan to migrate 11.1+devuan2 to chimaera and add another one that says testing/ceres like in Debian?22:00
LeePenThere is another update for chimaera to remove ceres from /etc/devuan_version IIRC.22:17
bb|hcbHm. Then on ceres it should say ceres, not chimaera?22:18
bb|hcbDebian sid's lsb_release -c says sid; version is bookworm/sid22:19
LeePenceres is a mess at the moment. We need the release done and then we can sort it.22:20

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