libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2021-08-20

bb|hcbAs far as I understand, the statement is more than clear. OTOH eudev is an essential component for Devuan and we'd better think about adopting eudev... I can get involved with that but not fully (because of lack of time)00:44
masonbb|hcb: It has a potential implication that Gentoo is dropping OpenRC and that's difficult to imagine.00:56
masonAlternately, it could mean they'll just make some bits of systemd (-udev) necessary.00:57
masonAh, this sheds some light:
masonSo, if upstream-udev is expected to continue working without systemd, that's probably the way forward.00:59
masonIonen's comment in that thread is particularly useful.01:00
masonI wish I'd found this before today's meeting. We can talk about it next week.01:01
masonAnd in here in the interim.01:01
bluenessgnu_srs, as of right now, i am no longer maintaining eudev15:18
bluenessi am looking for someone who is willing to take over as maintainer upstream15:19
bluenessie have total ownership of the github repo15:19
bluenessi don't know how to be clearer really, if there's any specific questions, please ask15:20
gnu_srsblueness: So gentoo is using udev from systemd now? What about openrc?15:31
bluenessgnu_srs, gentoo will be moving to either udev+openrc or systemd.  I forked eudev because gentoo also supports musl as an alt libc15:32
bluenesssystemd does not build on musl15:32
bluenessbut it does now with patches from the openembedded team15:32
gnu_srsWhat about quix, are they also using eudev?15:33
gnu_srsSeems like udev from systemd is a slowly moving target, so continuing with eudev for gentoo should not be too heavy?15:38
bluenessgnu_srs, i don't have the time, i don't know quix15:50
bluenessi'm 50% retired already15:50
bluenessso i have to start unloading15:50
bluenessgnu_srs, are you able and want to maintain it?15:51
bb|hcbFrom what mason pointed out above (especially the post from Ionen), switching to the standard udev seems to be the most reasonable course of action. And also as stated in the forum, if the need to fork arises, eudev can be resurrected. And in case it is decided to stay with eudev for Devuan, count me in for maintaining the upstream.17:09
bb|hcbblueness: Sorry for not answering your question, that depends on which udev Devuan decides to use17:12
bluenessbb|hcb, I'm announcing my intentions as a courtesy to distros that are using it, I don't have any strong feelings about keeping it alive17:15
gnu_srsSince both Devuan and guix use eudev maybe it should continue to be maintained.17:20
gnu_srsForking udev from a later version of systemd will not be easy?17:20
gnu_srsAnd upgrading an old version of eudev to match a later version of udev is not easy either?, the versions will diverge in a short time.17:20
bb|hcbblueness: Thanks for that! Same here, no strong feelings, just trying to keep Devuan kicking :)17:25
bb|hcbgnu_srs: IMHO keeping what is already done up to date should be easier; the other path have some initial effort and then becomes the same in terms of effort17:27
masongnu_srs: Void also uses eudev.18:46
masonOoh, have we lost tuxdev? He's over talking about systemd unit files in OFTC #debian.21:59
golinuxmason: tuxd3v or tuxdev?  Maybe he's undercover.23:03
masontuxd3v, complete with characteristic speech patterns23:05
golinuxHmmm . . . he hasn't been around much lately but I thought he might be dealing with medical issues that he mentioned.23:09
golinuxYou could hop on a P< there and ask him.23:09
masonI spoke to one of his systemd questions. :P I should ask him what's up, though.23:16
golinuxGo for it.23:29
masonHe says he start exploring yesterday just to learn more. I said we hope he stays involved with Devuan.23:41
masonAnd he said he plans to stay.23:41
xrogaanI mean, devuan and the init freedom movement was built not against systemd per say, but against the decision to only support systemd.23:42
xrogaanI don't see any side to take, systemd is just yet another init system. Badly designed, but just another one.23:43
masonI'm solidly in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" crowd.23:43
xrogaanYeah, and I don't really care so long I 1) understand what's going on and 2) am able to affect changes without leaving brain matter on a wall.23:44
xrogaan(which systemD has the tendency to make me do)23:44

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