libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2021-07-18

plasma41Why do we fork the net-tools package?22:07
fsmithredpossibly to change the priority22:23
fsmithredso that it gets installed without asking22:24
fsmithredIn the upstream package 'hostname' and friends are included. Those are22:27
fsmithred not installed by this package, since there is a special "hostname*.deb"22:27
fsmithredthe hostname package is not forked and exists in debian, so I don't know why it would be included in the upstream net-tools.22:28
fsmithredI'll be they have another program that handles the hostname. A much bigger program, I'm guessing.22:29
brocashelmi did look at a screenshot and notice the interface had a name (eth0), and systemd by default uses enp0s25?22:32
fsmithredwhat screenshot?22:34
fsmithredyou can tell udev to use the old names in debian22:34
fsmithrednet.ifnames=0   in the boot command22:35
fsmithredin devuan, net.ifnames=1 will give you the new names22:35
brocashelmthe one on sourceforge:
brocashelmbut yes, you can also change that with systemd regardless22:35
fsmithrednet-tools on sf looks like the final upstream source22:37
fsmithredupstream from us is debian, and we inherit their choices when they package stuff22:37
fsmithredexcept where we fork the package22:37
gast0nhi fsmithred, how can I do to stop apparmor in Devuan from GRUB?23:01
fsmithredadd apparmor=0 to the linux line23:01
fsmithredwhat is it screwing up?23:02
gast0nI was testing the desktop-live version and after using it for a few minutes my screen freezes and I am forced to restart23:04
fsmithredI assume you mean the chimaera test isos.23:05
fsmithredI removed that boot option because I read that the problem with libreoffice profile was fixed.23:05
fsmithredbut I guess that doesn't mean that everything else is fixed.23:05
fsmithredlet me know if that option helps23:05
fsmithredI can add it back in the next build if needed23:05
fsmithredI might be having a problem with that.23:06
gast0nok i will keep you posted on that23:07
masonI was dismayed to learn that AppArmor doesn't have networking functionality on De*an, which reduces its utility for me to near-zero.23:10

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