libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2021-06-06

huria4I've been hearing some drama online that this project is staggering. Is there any truth to that statement?19:35
masonhuria4: Nah, the project's in good shape. We're spinning up more folks to fork as forking becomes more of a necessity.19:39
huria4How does forking become a necessity?19:39
masonhuria4: As more Debian packages start listing systemd packages as dependencies, a fork becomes necesssary to install those packages.19:40
huria4Oh. I thought you were talking about forking the distro itself for a minute there.19:40
masonTake, for instance, openssh-server. Does the OpenBSD project ship a package that depends on systemd? I don't think so. So we need to fork that so it no longer depends on systems in the package system, as it clearly doesn't need it in any real sense.19:40
masonNo no.19:40
masonDevuan tries to fork as little as it can, but the need is growing, sadly.19:41
masons/systems in the/systemd in the/19:41
huria4What a shame. It's just an init system, but has become a monster that has enough complexity to be a kernel itself.19:41
masonBut in general, the tooling is solid and improving, the crowd is stable and growing, etc.19:41
masonhuria4: Don't be confused there. It does nothing to demanding as what the kernel does. Think of it as a bunch of unnecessary wrappers around existing functionality.19:42
masonso demanding as* sigh typing--19:42
masonAll the stuff we care about still runs, except for things like logging where systemd is trying to force out alternatives.19:43
huria4Say, is 3.1 in sync with the latest point release of debian?19:43
masonAnyway, got some errands, but that's my view. Not sure what drama you read online but things looks healthy to me.19:43
masonhuria4: Remember that point releases in Debian just refer to how fresh a box you get with a new install. After the first update, you're running the latest Buster, for instance. Same here.19:44
masonbbl, but if you want clarifications of anything, there will be folks around in here who can answer19:45
sadsnorkSorry folks: mirror down right now, ticket submitted to provider.22:21
sadsnorkAppears to be back up again.  Monitoring.22:30
onefangapt-panopticon is happy about it again.22:32
sadsnorkHuzzah! :-)22:35

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