libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2021-05-26

gast0nthis just happened with the #devuan-es channel on Freenode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯05:16
onefangAnd other #devuan channels.05:17
golinuxIf they start messing with us remember that "Devuan" is a registered trademark05:23
xrogaangolinux: so, can't you folks demand that freenode not use the trademark?08:46
xrogaanI have no clue about all that legal stuff though?08:47
onefanggolinux went to sleep.08:47
onefangAnd the problem with doing legal stuff against people that have very deep pockets is they drag it out and you loose coz you go broke.08:48
xrogaanmight want to post a message on dng08:50
xrogaanor devuan-announce08:50
xrogaanwhichever has more reach. Trying to msg idlers on irc will not be fruitful.08:51
adam_free2airi would start with open communication over misrepresentation of the project and its community's  decision to move official resources. going full bore into trademark accusations does not seem very devuan to me.08:51
onefangMessages been sent to dng already.08:51
xrogaanThere is a difference between "devuan might change it's irc home" and "freenode unilaterally took over our channels."08:57
adam_free2airxrogaan: yes, there is. but just because someone is shitty doesn't mean we are shitty in return. hold the high ground. if you argue with an evil idiot for long enough, people fail to notice the difference.08:59
xrogaanI mean in reference to the mail I sent on dng about irc. The situation is different.08:59
xrogaanThat is, if devuan's staff has *no control* over the devuan channel at freenode, it may be important to state it publicly.09:00
onefangThere's an entire long conversation on the mailing list, and a separate announcement about where we moved to.09:01
xrogaanI must be blind then.09:01
xrogaanOr not subscribed to the same list as you are.09:01
onefangOh wait, was sent to the dev list by parazyd.09:03
onefangSo yeah, someone send an official announcement to DNG.09:08
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, May 27, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:

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